It has long been our desire to do a bang-up recording of music we've been working on for a long time.  In the 22 years we've been writing and playing together, we have yet to get there.  Ideally, some interested party with good connections in the music business would partner with us in making that record happen.  Failing that, we would sponsor the recording ourselves.  Toward that end, we hoped that visitors to this site would help contribute to the cost of that effort by downloading tracks.  More importantly, downloads would give us the moral support we needed to feel confident enough to go ahead with that project.

In reality, precisely the opposite occurred.  We lost money, paying to keep the download option active and the failure of the effort affected our confidence in a profoundly negative way.

We gave it five years, and in that time, we earned precisely $7.20.  Not even appeals to friends and family made the slightest difference.  At the same, the option for others to download was costing us $10/month and countless hours of ad-formulating in an effort to try to stimulate down load sales.  To say that the download option was a abyssmal failure is a flagrant understatement. 

To the pitiful few who did, actually, exercise the option, we'd like to say a heartfelt 'thank you'.  Your generous support did far more than just add some change to our pockets; it kept our spirits up, which was more valuable to us than you can imagine.


If the authorities who're investigating Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho are right, he is a “key link” in the cash laundering chain used by the Sinaloa Cartel, stated Yadira Galvez, a safety analyst at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).Apparently, this Brazilian businessman is nicely positioned as being a collaborator with the Sinaloa Cartel,” Gálvez stated. “The operations from the Sinaloa Cartel might be adversely impacted if the authorities carry on to capture (high-ranking) associates like El Chap and if they penetrate the monetary structure from the cartel. This might undermine the power of the Sinaloa Cartel. Cash laundering allows the Sinaloa Cartel and other transnational criminal organizations to make use of funds produced by unlawful activities to buy weapons and also to bribe corrupt officials, the security analyst stated.

Unlike El Chapo Guzman, who was seldom seen in community and never photographed throughout his years around the operate, Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho made no attempt to maintain a reduced public profile. On websites and on social media he posted many pictures of himself posing beside luxury vehicles and private airplanes. He also designs himself as Brazil’s “chancellor” within the U.S. His website,, is titled “Brazillian (sic) Chancellor to U.S.A.,” and describes the chancellorship’s function as “a various educating and learning community that produces, discovers and applies understanding to improve the health and well-being of Brasil and also the globe.” The “chancellor” title is actually an empty honorific bestowed by a private Sao Paulo cultural and business association which has offered similar titles to a host of company and enjoyment figures. The “chancellor” title has no formal Brazilian government link. No one seems to care that he does not have any distinct business passions besides to advertise occasions, that are widely publicized in celeb and lifestyle magazine Caras. click on to get much more information on dfrf enterprises llc

We all go through seasons and experience changes in our lives; our vocations, marriages, likes, dislikes, behavioral changes and much more. There are a few personalities that thrive on this but the majority, around 84% like things to be the same. And the older we get the more we like things to stay exactly the way they are. It’s simply because changing is a chore. In all honesty, I am writing this blog because I need to work some of this out in my mind to reach some new levels of successful changes in my life. Thinking about them doesn’t always get me to where I need to be to do that. And maybe my wrangling can inspire someone in theirs too. That’s always my high hopes!

One of the hardest changes I make is from one behavior to another. One smart guy told me once that people will not change unless one of three things happens: 1) you hurt so much living the way you are that you make yourself change to relieve the pain. 2) You are all but forced to change like when your doctor tells you “if you don’t stop living this way you’ll die in five years” or you get put in jail and can no longer live the way you were. Then 3) you learn enough that you want to change, or sometimes a combination of these three. So changing the way we live to a new way can be a very difficult thing. There can be some very strong mental, spiritual, emotional and even physical opposition to behavioral changes. The one I’ve been pondering a lot lately is being able to forgive one’s self. Have you ever felt that you’ve been so bad that you can’t forgive yourself and even God can’t or won’t? I certainly have.

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The past year has not been an easy or encouraging one for us.  Having to maintain something of a normal life in a building without electricity, while we worked to clean up the propertyand repair lots of broken equipment was both physically demanding and mentally and emotionally challenging.  For the most part, the emotional side of it relates to the spotty relationship we have with people in the surrounding community, a sizable fraction of whom, unable to see inside the building and the improvements we've made. think we've fallen short of their expectations.  Somehow, they think that they have the right to pass judgment on what we do with the property we paid to own.  Our feeling is that if you didn't go to the trouble of doing what was necessary to get to own it, you didn't earn the right to have an opinion on what should be done with it.  It sat there, with a sign in the window for two years and no one here acted to buy it.  Hey, you snooze (for two years, no less)  you lose.  Put up or shut up.

Nonetheless, it doesn't feel good to know that certain people, against whom you have made no offense, are talking smack about you.

One thing we thought was in our favor, though, was the release of the redcord that we thought was going to occur last fall.  stupidly, we let it be known around town that it was pending.  By midwinter, our credibility was in the dog box, where it has remain ever since.

Soul Issues? The Experts Can Fix That For You, Or Not

Don DeVlieger Jr


Like most all of us, I was wondering a lot lately about the condition of our current culture and all its woes. There are many people offing their opinions on how we can make the world a better place to live. Among them is a huge list of ideas like get rid of carbon emissions to save the climate and people will feel better and treat others better; allow people to do whatever they feel like so they feel better about themselves; make new laws to protect minorities; abolish old laws to give new rights to minority groups; change the diets of our kids so they grow up to be better people; remove all historical items from culture so no one gets offended, and on and on. There has to be answers to our issues, and a way of life that is hospitable and healthy to every creature on this great planet. There has to be and I know there is!

The answers we are given come from experts. Experts!? Let’s have some fun here at the expense of these experts for a bit. What makes an expert? Some would answer “the other experts did”. Well then who made them experts?  At some point in time there were no experts so who was the first expert and who said he was an expert? … You see where I’m going right? The whole “expert thing” is a human institution. At one time it mostly was a good system and I’ll tell you why in a second. But today to become an expert you only need to go to school for 20 years and study anything under the sun. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very intelligent people we should aspire to and respect. Then on the other hand there are some really foolish characters lauding themselves around and being exalted by the elites as the answers to the world’s toughest issues. I hope more of us humbly and firmly rise up to question them, all of them: Not all the experts are experts worth the pennies in their pockets.

Yes!! it is now avaiable!! Althea Rene Live in Detroit with little old me playing drums!!!

Big thanks to Mapex Drums, Aqurian Drumheads, Supernatural Cymbals, Valor Drumsticks, 1964 Ears, kickport, RimRiser, and Drum Tac's!!

Sorry for lack of updates.  Had a hard drive crash the other month and lost all new material that was recorded.  Will have to restart process and hopefully get some new stuff recorded soon.

The way both Rachel and I grew up, historical fiction was a big part of our reading material.  Very often, the lynch pin of many of the stories we liked best would be the part where the unexpected bequest of some distantly-related benefactor would turn the tables on a litany of adverse circumstances - the classic Cinderella circumstance - transporting the protagonist of the story from the status of an abject loser to that of celebrated winner.  It's a classic literary instrument that people never seem to tire of.  The idea that, at some critical point, where adverse circumstance seems poised to completely crush all hope, somebody might step in and save the day, is something we all hope might happen to each of us someday.

Well, such flukes of providence do actually happen in real life and - lo and behold - one just happened to us.

First, the background: with funds running low, in spite of a great deal of progress on fixing the property we bought in Long Creek, we decided it would be a propitious time for Peter to apply for Social Security benefits.  He had intended to wait until he was 72 - if you live to a ripe old age, you actually do better by postponing commencing to draw until after 72 - but we were approaching a point where that option wasn't financially possible.  Also, since we were still very actively engaged in using such money as we could bring in to make more money (the restaurant, mainly), perhaps it would work out better to settle for less from Social Security now than put it off for another six years.

Thanks to a partnership with and, my SoundCloud page is now newly updated in a unique style! Layed out just like the pros, with a brand new banner featuring pictures of me performing and my songs neatly organized for your enjoyment! Go check out the page, and see for yourself what I'm talking about!



by Don DeVlieger Jr on 04-Jul-15


It’s Not Freedom to Do Whatever Makes us Feel Good!

Don DeVlieger Jr

7/4/2015 – Independence Day

This is a revision of an article I wrote on March 22, 2013. That was titled ‘Freedom, I Can Do Whatever I Want Now!’

In March of 2013 I posted this comment on my personal Facebook page: (reworded slightly)

‘Are there boundaries for freedom? Can we live any way we want and declare that, that is freedom at its core? This is a serious question! One party is pushing the boundaries in the name of tolerance. The other is being labeled freedom killers for understanding the limits and pushing back. There is a right and wrong way here friends. All cultures in history that fell apart did so because they refused to understand this as America is now.’

I was listening to talk show host Rush Limbaugh and here’s what he said on the topic of freedom, specifically, here, on gay marriage: (from the actual transcripts 3/17/13)

This issue has now catapulted to the top seemingly of everybody's list. It's stunning the way this has happened. In the millennial generation, 25 and under, it's all that matters; gay marriage. Young conservatives 30 and under, 35 and under… Gay marriage, [is] all that matters. People are willing to leave the [Republican] party if the party doesn't change its mind, and you know how it's happening? Not just on the basis that love is a wonderful thing and who are we [conservatives/republicans] to say somebody could or could not love somebody [of the same gender].

Seems like I've waited a lifetime for this to happen. Strange how a vague idea to go find solitude and write songs on a tiny Island in Croatia has become The Al Goodwin Band. This will be special, a lot of you know I recently lost my brother and my relationship broke down. Guys like Steve, Roy and Dave were there for me. Once again music has saved me and directed me.
Come and see us perform our debut show, love to see loads of you there.
Love and music, Al x

FREE ticket entry only, print from here

You Judge Me

by starla angus on 15-Jun-15

My Fine Music-kins -- One time I worked on a movie set and I was cast as a homeless person -- I mean I really looked the part.  We were working on location and not the studio so I had to use the bathroom at the Long Beach Convention Center.  When I went to use the bathroom I could not believe the reaction from people passing by me.  Most people would hang their head down and walk on the farthest side away from me -- no one would make eye contact with me.  Why are so many of us so quick to judge someone just by the way they look -- we should look beyond clothing, skin color, age and gender.  All that really matters is the soul.

I just released my latest song “You Judge Me” and that’s what it’s all about -- Hope you like.     Peace, Starla 

What's Real

by starla angus on 22-May-15

Commercials first started airing on television to cover the costs of producing a show because television was FREE.  Now TV ain’t free anymore, it costs a whole lot of money and the commercials are still there.  In fact, last night I turned on the show CSI: Cyber and timed the commercials and guess what -- in this 60 minute show there was 18.5 minutes of commercials!!  That’s OVER 30% of the time -- time to send you repetitive messages to Buy, to Spend, Spend, Spend -- often on stuff you can’t afford.  There’s a fortune being made at the expense of our free will.  If the commercials on TV or radio don’t get us, how about the spam we get everyday or ads on your cell phone, tablet or social media -- the relentless phone calls by marketers -- all this is what made me write this song and make this video “Stay Out” -- I mean, are we turning into a society of materialistic technologized puppets who’ve lost track of what’s real.    Peace, Starla


A car is a valuable investment. You have to take care of it, in order to ensure that it services you for the longest possible time and you get your money’s worth. However, sometimes it may so happen that you have to leave your car in a garage for a lengthy time, because of unavoidable circumstances. You may have to go for an international holiday, or you may have other such engagements, where you cannot possibly take your car with you. Leaving it the garage (if you have a garage) is a dangerous option, as it might get stolen or damaged. In that case, you have to search out an alternative and safe place where you can keep your car.

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Life is not a static phenomenon.  To the human individual who strives continuously to establish something enduring and dependable to use as a fulcrum, around which an orderly and dependable set of daily doings can be arranged, the allure of the elusion/illusion of certain kinds of permanence – health, vigor, financial sufficiency, favored pastimes, friendships, love relationships, social standing, political balances, intellectual assets, et al – is forever present, and yet, forever out of reach.

From the moment of the advent, in this dimension, of the initial massive flood of quanta that led to the Universe we see now, every form of energy - whether bound, as matter, or free, as radiation – has been in some state of movement, relative to all other parts within the whole.  Even things that look permanent, like gold and platinum, are part of bigger things whizzing through space, whose spatial relationship with other big things is always changing.

To most people, what the exact relationship between heavenly bodies might be, at any given moment, is not something you should be concerned about.  Gold and platinum objects certainly LOOK permanent and static to a creature whose useful time span rarely exceeds 100 years.  Why not try to establish something similar in one’s life circumstances?

Well, to start with, it’s unnatural, and since we are particles of Nature, itself, patently foreign to our very being.  Indeed, an obsession with the idea of becoming secure by trying to inhibit and control change in life can be a very pathological thing.  One need only contemplate what such an obsession in the Kim dynasty has done to North Korea to get some idea of what horrors that obsession could have created if the Axis Powers had won World War II!

swainmedia founder James Swain met with Shane Gooding, owner of SoundLab on Friday to discuss ways that the two companies can work together to benefit clients of both, as well as the city of Brockton. SoundLab offers a full service recording studio, as well as education in production, DJ skills, vocal and instrumental classes and more. swainmedia, with its focus on artist development, branding and promotion, is a natural fit for what SoundLab is working to achieve. More news to come as talks progress!

swainmedia artist Dylan Flannery took to the studio at SoundLab in Brockton, Massachusetts on Friday, May 15 to record his first single. Dylan chose a classic by George Strait, "Troubadour" for his first recording effort,and had a great time with it. SoundLab engineer Wilson "Stanza" Murat worked with Dylan on the debut track, and praised Dylan highly. We at swainmedia look forward to an awesome working relationship with the team at SoundLab as Dylan continues his musical journey.

Dylan Flannery is available for interviews in print and broadcast media. Contact swainmedia for details.

Up to now, this year was not a good one for precipitation.  There was less overall snow than usual and it did not get as cold as we had been led to believe it would, based on the prior experience of long-term locals.   The two small creeks that come down from the mountain and run through town had diminished to a trickle.  Groundwater reserves that supply the creeks had been drawn down below normal for the year.  The general consensus was that we were almost certainly in for a bad fire season, with lots of newly-killed trees to feed the blazes that invariably follow the electrical storms of late summer.

Between the two of us, the semi-serious mantra of the day - every day - became, "Let there be rain!"  What we were imagining was not one of those ephemeral little showers that occasionally sweep over town, but something solid and sustained to hydrate the soil under the lawn, right down to the hardpan.

So, on Monday afternoon, as we were driving back into town from having shown a visiting couple, who had been impromptu overnight guests of ours, a property for sale on the south slope of the middle fork of the John Day River, and the skies over Long Creek Mountain started to fill with undulating banks of clouds, we were moved to posit that our invocation was about to be answered with, at least, a good shower or two over the coming night.  But, by next morning, it still hadn't rained and we thought that, perhaps, we'd been teased by Nature once again.