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Design Editor

Straight out of the box your website layout is highly professional and very user friendly for your fans. Using the online design editor you can customize backgrounds, headers, fonts, colors and more without any web design skills. The design editor allows you to create a mobile responsive website and instantly publish.

Content Editor

The new content editor allows you to drag and drop content items directly onto your pages, edit content settings and change content order on a page. You can also change mobile responsive layout types for specific pages to give you greater flexibility on your page content design.

Seamless Music Playback

A much requested feature, and now live on your MyMusicStream powered website. Don't you hate it when you are on an artist's website and your are listening to their music, you click on a link to another page and the music you were starting to enjoy stops? Well no more of this issue with seamless audio playback!!

Unlimited Media Uploads

Yes, UNLIMTED uploads of audio, video and photos. As much as you can create, you can upload and have your fans stream through the highly professional audio & video players. Your content is hosted on a worldwide content distribution network allowing high quality playback anywhere in the world!

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