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DF Dy-Verze and Fortune a.k.a. DF combine all the energy and lyrical styles of the music industries hottest duos. DF, representing VA, have been climbing industry ladder for the past 10 years. With an impeccable performance bio, its no wonder why Destiny International chose their single, Hittem Up as their title single for the movie soundtrack, For the Love of The Game. The movie and sound track currently has a release date for late summer 2006. Fortune and Dy-Verze met in the last 90s. At their first session they recorded their first single, Thats Real and have continued to make banging tracks like Put Your Hands On Something, Ride and Need None of Dat ever since. Fortune, a Washington, DC native by way of Brooklyn N.Y. is certainly no rookie to the music industry. Three of his closes uncles have been in the music business since 1976. Ramone Noble, Wendell Noble and Sam White aka The Joneses (Pretty Pretty, Suga Pie Guy) now performing with groups as The Drifters, Coasters and Platters etc... started Fortune on his way as a young child. Given his weight and size, Fortune used security as a hustle in his early adult years to place himself in entertainment environments to increase visibility. With his contacts and alliances in the music industry Fortune had no idea security would give him a name for life, Big-G aka Fortune. Considered worth a Fortune to have around, Fortune adopted his stage name. Fortune, a widely recognized name by many radio personalities throughout Radio One and Clear Channel such as The Wild Boys, Osei The Dark Secret, Lorenzo Ice-Tea Thomas and DJs QicSilver, Six-Sense, and Triny. He has received invites to perform at various industry parties hosted by athletes Rod Gardner, Lavar Arrington, Mike Sellors, and Clinton Portis to name a few. Fortune has created a household name with his poetic lyrical style and erotic delivery. DY-VERZE spent a great deal of his younger years in the Baltimore, Maryland area before receiving a great opportunity to move to Wiesbaden, Germany. At the age of fourteen DY-VERZE decided to develop his own group called Triple Threat. In 1993, DY-VERZE joined his high school band as Lead Drummer. Mr. Stokes recognized the talent within DY-VERZE and encouraged him to perform at various high school events. Egyptian Doggs performed at local shows throughout VA. Being apart of Vicious Thoughts gave DY-VERZE exposure to working with a major label (Def Jam). The group never released an album and separated. In 2001 after taking some time away from the music industry, DY-VERZE decided to come back and try entering the industry as an independent Rap Artist / Producer. He came back refreshed and focused! Reacquainting with Indie Labels such names as Round Tree Entertainment, Target Squad Records, B.M.E. Entertainment and Ajani Records, Dy-Verse reestablished his position as a great producer. DY-VERZE continues to perform at local and national events as well as produce tracks for other artist