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Dark Metal / Death-Doom from Ukraine! Listen our debut demo, download it for free)

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In 2006 there was started probably the first gothic metal band in Cherkassy, Ukraine. At roots were Vladimir (WallDemar, guitar) and brothers: Dmitry (Sniper, bass) and Anton (Mucky Pup, drums). The following development brought 2 new members in 2008: Igor (Soul, guitar) and Alexey (Napalmer, vocals). And in the beginning of 2009 the band has finally decided on its name - Tectum. Tectum, a simple Latin word, might even have Ancient Greek roots, has a row of synonyms - «shelter», «asylum», «cover», «dwelling», «residence», «roof», etc. The name, that was never used in music before, succesfully got accustomed in many corporations and companies all over the world as it implies stability and confidence. Accordingly, we introduce the understanding of „tectum” as an eternal wait, leaving and coming back, ? and ?, private world of each person, loyalty to traditions and respect, moral values, etc. Over time the band started to get heavier and lower its sound , and at present the style is the most correctly to be defined as a mix of gothic metal / dark metal /death-doom. The biggest influence on Tectum music was made by old monsters Paradise Lost, Crematory, Godgory, Novembers Doom, Agalloch. Music contains clean vocals distinctive in Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Tiamat and growl, typical for death-doom. The band is trying not to put itself into the borders of a certain style and is experimenting with sound and pace of play. Lyrics is mostly English, rising up questions of life and death, misery and hopelessness, melancholy and loneliness, love and sorrow, mystery and enigma, light and darkness, and a lot of other things as well. First gig for a limited circle of people took place at Reduce Humanity Session on April, 1, 2009. U can check several songs out on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU3OYnTQpbw Recording of debut demo Alpha (2009) and its compilation took place during May-June,2009 in Cherkassy in the home studio of Konstantin Ratnikov - Anvil Records. Debut material became a qualitatively complied product, worth to be familiarized with and downloaded in the Internet for free. Evgenia Pomogaibo helped us with the cover design. Now the band is working on a second demo material. Release of a second demo is planned to be in the fall of 2009 and it will also be distributed for free.  


Links to download our Demo "Alpha" in HQ 320 Kbit mp3: