Mehdi Hosseini often uses the word monodies not only as the title of his composition, but also as a musical term; by which he means the characteristics of single voice structures, adapting themselves to any musical texture. The composer recently had a new recording published in Tehran, which also takes on the title Monodies. For this album he collected compositions which were written based on regional folk tunes from different parts of Iran. The album was recorded in Russia by well-known local soloists, ensembles, and the Saint-Petersburg State Philharmonic Orchestra and State Academic Orchestra. All of the compositions were written between 2003 and 2009.


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New songs

by Chris Palmisano on 04-Jul-12

I recently added two new songs. "Utopia", and "Sad Thinking" 



New Look!!!!

by jacob johnson on 19-May-12

welcome to the new site design

Robsongs fans my new album is out. I going to share three songs off the new album, Southern Fried Rock. I think you'll like it,... I did.   Look forward to more music soon. Lovin the new studio, havin a fantastic time.  If you like any of it feel free to let me know, I do appriciate everyone's fantastic support.

So ya'll come back n see me again reeeal soon, ya heeere.

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