New Song

by Robert Merit on 24-Nov-14

RIP26C has put out a new song go check it out in videos tab :)

Raymond Mayo - Graham has accepted the position of Vice President of Talent Acquisition for swainmedia effective immediately. Ray will assist the company with bringing in new talent and working with them to develop their careers. Ray has an extensive music background and is a true outside-the-box thinker. We are pleased to have him join the growing ranks of swainmedia professionals.

20 year old Keith Cloutier, an aspiring model and actor, has chosen swainmedia to guide the launch of his career and provide services on his behalf. swainmedia photographer James Swain is currently helping Keith develop his portfolio, as well as acting on his behalf with agencies and promoters. We are expecting to see big things from Keith in the near future, so keep your eyes on this young rising star!

Setting:  inside - comfortable, old coffee/craft beer/wine house in Pendleton, Oregon; outside - its snowing. 

Peter and I have been sitting in this incredible gathering spot called Great Pacific, sipping coffee and observing the flow of people through here, coming to meet friends, have a glass of wine or get a bite to eat.  The stage is set for a music performance - maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow.  The staff is pleasant and everything feels normal and secure.  We’re glad to be here for the while because soon we’ll have to re-enter our own scenario, where everything is anything but normal and secure.

It looks like we may be stuck in this town for a few days, so  we should try to make the best out of the opportunity.  The roads are not fit for driving on in our heavily loaded rear-wheel-drive vehicles (Peter’s ancient truck and the Volvo station wagon), especially not the remote, 100 mile road that we must take to get to Long Creek.  When we heard that there was an arctic air mass headed toward the Pacific Northwest, we couldn’t get out of Seattle fast enough.  I mean that in the very literal sense of the phrase:  we found it difficult to finish what we needed to do in order to beat the weather.  There was the truck to fix - it was leaking oil terribly, so we removed the valve covers, scraped the crusty carbon off of them, cleaned them, painted them a cheery green and cut new gaskets for them; there was fixing the indicator light cover that had fallen off the Volvo - I cut a new one out of a soda bottle and taped it on (amazingly,it looks like new!); there was some shopping to do, as well as loading the truck and, of course, friends to check in with.  It may be that we spent too much time seeing the people we missed the last time ‘round, but we’re glad we did.  In the end, friends must be honored.

Its been a month since Peter and I last came to Seattle to get the Le Car out of Scott’s driveway up the alley from where we used to live.  How time flies!  We thought then that we were pushing it as far as having decent mountain weather conditions to drive in.  Now it’s mid-November and, so far, our luck is holding out.

So, we’re back in Seattle with the truck and the Volvo to retrieve what’s been stored at various neighbors’ homes, and incidentally recovering at Robin’s house from the constant hard work at what is, I guess, now called home.  Luckily, the weather has been unseasonably mild in Long Creek this fall, which has made it easier to tackle the difficult tasks that face us each day.  Clint, our friend who lives about 10 miles west of us near Hamilton, a town that now consists of just a few ragtag houses along the highway, stopped by last week with a bag of his homegrown tomatoes.  We couldn’t believe it.  Before we moved to Long Creek, we were told that tomatoes wouldn’t have time to grow and ripen in during the brief growing season.  This year, Halloween has passed and we still haven’t had a frost! I can’t help ascribing it to global warming, and, despite the havoc that it’s going to wreak on many species, including our own, I’ll take the good with the bad and be grateful that I can grow a wider variety of things in a place where that wasn’t previously possible.  To us, it’s a wonderful opportunity; to many a local, though, who doesn’t believe in global warming, nothing has changed, therefore, nothing different should be tried!

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