New songs

by Damon Shulman on 26-Sep-14

Hey! We've just finished recording two new songs. Entitled  'Where did all your dreams go' and 'Grunts' these songs represent the start of a new portfolio of work which, we hope will be complete sometime next year. Though it's always difficult to judge your own shit, we think these songs convey a different sound and intent from the band. For us, this new stuff is where we are at right now and hopefully it communicates in some way. We want to mix it up a bit with the rhythm and sound at the moment. There's a kind of stripped down feel to these songs 'cos we're trying to make the most of the gaps but still maintain a sense of activity. I think it pays dividends. Now, we're not really sure what to do with these songs. I guess no-one really cares if we've done anything new or anything at all because of course, we're not famous. So, we're probably opening the back door again and seeing if anyone wants to come in. That's not a euphemism.

So, you know watch out for a release of this material and give it a try.    

Braximusic's first studio album Two Souls, Two Lives, One Voice has been sold out onboard the Thomson Dream! We have ordered a new shipment, but it will arrive onboard the ship at the end of October 2014. If you have seen us live and would like to order a copy and have it sent to your home, please click here

Well here it is... the long awaited release of my first single off the new album, "Wildfire" with Zero Funk!

For a FREE download of the song, please visit:


Thank you for the ongoing love and support! Make sure to check it out!

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I am proud to announce that I have joined the 1964 Ears Family!! 

I am using the "Qi" model and they are amazing!!! Tons of low end, and super duper clean!! I had to bang my last set of inear's pretty hard to get the sound I needed, but not any more! Now I have the music at a nice low volume and still get the sound i'm looking for!


Big thanks to Vlad at 1964 Ears for making this happen for me! you da man!!




∆BSTR∆CTION is a brand new album coming out February 13, avalible for pre-order in December. Features 13 brand new songs and one is a collaboration with rapper Propayne.

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