It has long been our desire to do a bang-up recording of music we've been working on for a long time.  In the 22 years we've been writing and playing together, we have yet to get there.  Ideally, some interested party with good connections in the music business would partner with us in making that record happen.  Failing that, we would sponsor the recording ourselves.  Toward that end, we hoped that visitors to this site would help contribute to the cost of that effort by downloading tracks.  More importantly, downloads would give us the moral support we needed to feel confident enough to go ahead with that project.

In reality, precisely the opposite occurred.  We lost money, paying to keep the download option active and the failure of the effort affected our confidence in a profoundly negative way.

We gave it five years, and in that time, we earned precisely $7.20.  Not even appeals to friends and family made the slightest difference.  At the same, the option for others to download was costing us $10/month and countless hours of ad-formulating in an effort to try to stimulate down load sales.  To say that the download option was a abyssmal failure is a flagrant understatement. 

To the pitiful few who did, actually, exercise the option, we'd like to say a heartfelt 'thank you'.  Your generous support did far more than just add some change to our pockets; it kept our spirits up, which was more valuable to us than you can imagine.


If the authorities who're investigating Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho are right, he is a “key link” in the cash laundering chain used by the Sinaloa Cartel, stated Yadira Galvez, a safety analyst at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).Apparently, this Brazilian businessman is nicely positioned as being a collaborator with the Sinaloa Cartel,” Gálvez stated. “The operations from the Sinaloa Cartel might be adversely impacted if the authorities carry on to capture (high-ranking) associates like El Chap and if they penetrate the monetary structure from the cartel. This might undermine the power of the Sinaloa Cartel. Cash laundering allows the Sinaloa Cartel and other transnational criminal organizations to make use of funds produced by unlawful activities to buy weapons and also to bribe corrupt officials, the security analyst stated.

Unlike El Chapo Guzman, who was seldom seen in community and never photographed throughout his years around the operate, Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho made no attempt to maintain a reduced public profile. On websites and on social media he posted many pictures of himself posing beside luxury vehicles and private airplanes. He also designs himself as Brazil’s “chancellor” within the U.S. His website,, is titled “Brazillian (sic) Chancellor to U.S.A.,” and describes the chancellorship’s function as “a various educating and learning community that produces, discovers and applies understanding to improve the health and well-being of Brasil and also the globe.” The “chancellor” title is actually an empty honorific bestowed by a private Sao Paulo cultural and business association which has offered similar titles to a host of company and enjoyment figures. The “chancellor” title has no formal Brazilian government link. No one seems to care that he does not have any distinct business passions besides to advertise occasions, that are widely publicized in celeb and lifestyle magazine Caras. click on to get much more information on dfrf enterprises llc

The two singers hit Record House studios in Kabowa on Monday where they recorded a dance-hall jam together before they later worked on a remix ofGuddy Guddy gal, a song that was originally done byAganaga last year.Meanwhile, Twinkle Star Management is currently organizing Kalifah’s first concert dubbed Nassanga Guddy Guddy gal slated forMay 15th at Club Ambiance parking lot.
#OH_NO!!!!!!! SPICE DIANA THE FAST RISING STAR QUITS VOCAL POLICE. Spice Diana,the quickly rising star of the 'Onsanula' fame has quit Maro’s singing camp 'Vocal Police'. It is just a few months since she got signed to the group but she came out to make her voice clear about her action to leave the group and Vocal Police overall manager Xavier Solomon came out to say: "On behalf of HUMBLE MANAGEMENT LTD I officially let it out to the public that singer Spice Diana is no longer under our management. You can now contact Spice Diana on her personal number for business." Reports making rounds state that the singer breached her contract with the management after she failed to co-operate with the manager on business terms and shunning show she had always been booked to perform on a couple of occasions. Spice Diana is no stranger to all this since she was earlier signed to Kalifah Aganaga’s Twinkle Star Agency before she quit to join Humble Management. Where Are we heading to with Ugandan music full of biffs,breakups???
#A_little_bit_late. Radio & Weasel's new manager Chagga Yagayo was recently taught a lesson by a timely unknown girl. Chagga had to accompany Radio & Weasel during their tour in Dubai,so he left the house keys to the girl to take care of the house as he finishes business. Too late too little,Chagga came back from his tour and found his house looking like a real mosque as he spoke echoes were made.The girl had taken all Chagga's things.So sad. Adding onto that,the girl recently went to social media and posted "Gwe sebo if you claim that I took your things why don't you come and get them.Nze todamu kunesibako look for your size." She also posted "mbu" Chagga's worst photo plus adding on by saying that Chagga is too old to be loved by a girl like her and he should look for his agemates.
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