In the middle 90s a young high school woman gave birth to a young man now known as Young Kay. She knew that being young was not going to be an excuse for her not to feed her child, so she had to quit school and find something that will bring her money, that is a job. While she was working, her son had to stay with her mother, at a very young age. It continued to be like that for many years. Young Kay spent a lot of his childhood life living with his grandmother, who was more like a mother to him. He says his grandmother loved him like he was her last born son. However, Young Kay had to move to stay with his mother when he was in fourth grade. Throughout his childhood journey, Young Kay fell in love with music, as he wanted to be like Micheal Jackson, who turned out to be his greatest idol at that time. At age 9, he took another turn and started writing his own rap songs, inspired by a lot of USA's hip hop artists of that time, such as Ja Rule, Eminem, Kanye West, and so on. Sadly, after 7 years of not living with his grandmother, whom he visited every week and every holidays, she died of cancer and that took a huge part of his heart away.A few months after the incidence, Young Kay started recording his rap songs at an underground level, along with his friends who were also rappers, he says music was the only thing that kept his heart pumping. After his grandmother's passing, he bacame strongly attached to the sound of music, "It was like I couldn't breathe when there's no music around," so he says. A year later, Young Kay graduated from high school, which was a great achievement for him. He is currently in university studying music, his dream, and he is determined to make that dream a reality for sure. Young Kay is now also inspired by many young artist of his age, like the USA's Mindless behaviour(a male R&b band), Jacob Latimore, Diggy Simmons, and so on. He is eager to make success of his life, and he says he wants to change lives across the world with his music, wishing to work with a lot of the artists who inspired him.

hello Bantu Island fans, supporters, lovers etc.  thank you for visiting our page we really apprecaite it. there are many interesting  things you can do here whiter  its listening to your favorite bantu-island songs, new videos or if you just want to keep up with whats going on in the Bantu-Island empire in thier everyday life.

so with that being said; the ISland boys are once again finished a very funny video which will be coming out soon, somewhere next week as they said. from looking at the picture you can't help but laugh. if you can't wait to see this please comment on this page let us know and support the empire . thank you much love ! the comedy video has been shot in milwaukee's woods. the video is about five ladies who are being trained to fight in a war for thier country, but non of them actually knows  how to fight. Aw-ali plays the lady whos always putting on her make-up, while Ab-dirka plays the shy but very stinky lady, and mudays play this flirting type of women while osman and salah play the ulgy ladies who are always being  gossiped about thier looks. i don't know about but i am very interesting and looking forword to see this this. once again thanks for your time. before you leave please check the news, and the music and the videos. thank you ...god bless .

It is with much pleasure that I make the announcement that my original song GOODBYE JULY has come in at #1 on the Fab Chart, a top 30 countdown for independent music!

After spending weeks climbing rapidly up the charts, I am finally ecstatic to announce that the #1 spot is ours!

Thank you so much for all the kind words and tweets, and for spreading the video around to make this happen! 

Thank you thank you thank you!

Well, the 51-year-old GMC pickup truck, for which Peter built the canopy, successfully transported the piano down I-5, along the beautiful Columbia River and over mountain passes to Long Creek, where we've taken the gamble to open the cafe.  The whole process was touch-and-go, as the truck hadn't been driven on the highway in more than 20 years, much less with a homemade canopy and a 500-lb. piano in the back.  Peter's persistence about having to have everything tightly fastened with screws paid off - there was absolutely nothing that was going to come apart while driving 60 mph down the highway - and it didn't.  The only problem we had was when, after about 10 hours of driving, the truck's engine started to cut out.  We had to pull off to the side of the road at dusk to deal with it.  We suspected that it was the fuel filter, so Peter removed it.  When he took it apart, we found a good amount of rusty debris that had been in the bottom of the fuel tank.  He tapped most of it out and then swished it around in a cup of gasoline.  He put it back in and we started off up the final pass of the trip and the truck didn't hesitate once.  Peter did it again!
Once we got to Long Creek, we unloaded everything but the piano from the truck.  Not knowing a whole of folks there, we didn't feel comfortable presuming that anyone would want to help us get the piano out of the truck and into the cafe, so we began to contrive a system of leverage out of the lumber we had just unloaded when Roy from down the street walked up and insisted that he find a couple of strong guys to help.  In less than 2 minutes, he brought back two men and the five of us lifted it without too much trouble onto the front step.  We used some kind of a display rack with a set of strong casters that Rachel had found in the cafe to roll the piano into the back of the bar.  Finally, it made it!
We set up the bed in the middle of the back room of the cafe with the bar on the east wall, the piano on the south wall and the big, woodstove to the north and it felt good.  The next day, we felt as though our syncronicity  was on the right track when Karey Wallum, a filmmaker who had been in town for awhile with his crew, happened to need a bar where he could shoot his next scene.  Despite the incredibly dirty state of the cafe, he thought ours would be a perfect setting to use and offered us 100 bucks.  So, we cleared away some of the clutter and cleaned what we could and they were setting up the scene when we drove away in the truck, headed back to Seattle to pick up another load. 

12/25/14 - Demo

4/29/15 - Album

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