A big thanks to those who stood by us during the hard times. It has been an amazing year filled with ups and downs but we give God the glory in every situation we find ourselves.


New materials and projects coming soon!!!

Stay blessed, don't do what I wouldn't do, keep following us and chasing your dreams


Nancy Osas

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by on 17-Apr-14


Today saw the suprise release of Heaton's new single Send Me an Angel. The single release comes just one week before Heaton's much anticipated new album Army of Sound lands.

The track was produced by Marty Smith (Black & White and If This Is Love) and is a remake of the 1984 classic from Real Life.

The single has been released in 2 digital formats



The Single

  1. Send Me an Angel
  2. Love Has Gone (Alan Burke House Mix)

The Remixes

  1. Send Me an Angel
  2. Send Me an Angel (Positive Addiction Mix)
  3. Send Me an Angel (Martez Minimal Mix)



Tracks 3 and 4 from my new cd Gothic - THE EP are now available for listening and free download.

Gothic can be found HERE and Goodbye can be found HERE

Gothic is an industrial type song mixed with rock and Goodbye is a piano based ballad.

Hope you enjoy the new music.

Stay safe...jayechristopher

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