I am proud to announce that I have joined the 1964 Ears Family!! 

I am using the "Qi" model and they are amazing!!! Tons of low end, and super duper clean!! I had to bang my last set of inear's pretty hard to get the sound I needed, but not any more! Now I have the music at a nice low volume and still get the sound i'm looking for!


Big thanks to Vlad at 1964 Ears for making this happen for me! you da man!!




∆BSTR∆CTION is a brand new album coming out February 13, avalible for pre-order in December. Features 13 brand new songs and one is a collaboration with rapper Propayne.


Hey folks, i will performing at Alexanders Open Mic in Chester tonight, it starts at 8:30pm, so i will be given a time slot between then and 11:30pm.  

I will be singing a cover song, and a song of my own, so I hope it will be a full house. 

Hope to see some familiar faces there! 

From Barrie  

Not a Quitter

by Nancy Osazee on 15-Sep-14

Not for Quitter now available just for 0.99 cents

Please click HERE for my latest YouTube video featuring my latest news, announcements, etc. regarding the upcoming album and single to be released THIS Friday, September 19th!


Camille x

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