In late December of 2014, there have were unprecedented spikes in the number of repeat visits to this subdomain, interspersed with days of near complete inactivity.  At the same time, no one downloaded a single track.  This leads us to conclude that those spikes were not the result of enthusiasm for our music, which is what this subdomain is really here to promote. 

For us, this results in confusion about how well the music, itself, is doing.  As a result, we've decided to take our writing into safe keeping for the while, until we can assess what the hell is going on with the music.  In the meantime, we'll continue adding chapters to our chronicle.  If you want updates or back issues of the chronicle, write to us personally.  We'll consider each request and if we deem it appropriate to share (given our circumstances we face in this area) we'll e-mail you a copy.  This cautionary provision is the product of contrary experience.

It has long been our desire to do a bang-up recording of music we've been working on for a long time.  In the 22 years we've been writing and playing together, we have yet to get there.  Ideally, some interested party with good connections in the music business would partner with us in making that record happen.  Failing that, we would sponsor the recording ourselves.  Toward that end, we hoped that visitors to this site would help contribute to the cost of that effort by downloading tracks.  More importantly, downloads would give us the moral support we needed to feel confident enough to go ahead with that project.

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The war betweenBebe CoolandBobi Wineis not over. Not even close.A few days ago, Bobi saidBebe Cool's music is irrelevant and he would gladly pay Cool to quit music for another career. Bobi went on dissing Cool's writers claiming their are the cause of Cool's irrelevancy in the music industry.Bebe also returned the favor with a tweet dissingBobi Wine saying the latter has a smelly mouth and has no control over what he says.Bebe is not done yet. Today, Mar. 28, he took to his Facebook fan page and posted a snapshot from the video of Bobi Wine's interview while commenting aboutSheikh Muzaata's statement on Buganda Kingdom and the Katikiro.I hear "MBU" a Ugandan artist stole a pair of shoes from a Dubai mall and wore it during an interview with a magnetic security tag...Banauganda bino bituza mabega whoever it is please advise him or her.DRUGS AIN'T GOOD.In the video, Bobi Wine is seen wearing white sneakers. Bebe Coolsays according to the gossip he's recieved, those pair of sneakers were stolen from Dubai and the thief is being hunted.Bobi Wine hasn't commented on this yet, but of course their drama is lighting green.We'll keep you posted in case anything develops.

Judith Amisi

by Tune Zetu on 28-Mar-15

kutokana na kusafiri

One of Uganda's Finest Female Artiste Desire Luzinda is set to perform Tonight at The Royal Regency Hotel, Manor Park for their 40th Anniversary.She posted on her facebook fanpage yesterday March 27 that;“My UK fans am flying right to you. This Saturday am rocking you. Catch you in a few,”The Ekitone singer like Eddy Kenzohas turned out to be one of the most sought after artiste in Uganda. recently she was in Congo for a performance.Photo:


by Iam Bitingu on 25-Mar-15
Oluvannyuma lw’abakabiina ka ‘Illuminati’ okwewaana okubeera emabega w’okufa kw’omuyimbi AK47 twogedde n’abamu ku basereebu (omuli n’abayimbi) ne batuwa endowooza zaabwe ku kibiina kino. Abamu bakkiriza nti kituufu gye kiri ate abalala babiyise bya bulimba. Roger Mugisha Wadde sikkiriza nti be bali emabega w’okufa kwa AK47, enzikiriza ya ‘Illuminati’ kituufu gy’eri era erimu ebika eby’enjawulo okugeza abafuusa, ab’ebibiina nga bw’olaba ‘lotale’ n’ebirala wabula okufaananako abasawo b’ekinnansi bwe balimu abatuufu n’abafere ne mu nzikiriza eno mulimu abafere bangi abagyerimbiseemu okubba abalala era beebo be muwuulira nga beesoma n’okwewana nti bammemba, abatuufu tebeesoma. Ng’omuntu eyaliko mu nzikiriza eno (yagivaamu mu 2003) okugyegattako bakuwa obukwakkulizo obukakali omuli n’okukikuuma nga kyama ((secret society) ate si kyangu kubivaamu y’ensonga lwaki nze nnaddukira mu kkanisa. Ne mu Uganda mulimu bammemba naye kizibu okubamanya. Mun G. (Emmanuel Matovu) Ebya ‘Illuminati’ mbiwulira naddala mu nsi z’Abazungu naye sibikkiririzaamu era ndowooza tebiriiyo. Ekyo kibooziboozi kya bantu kye bateeka ku bantu abalina obuwanguzi obwenjawulo bwe batuuseeko era wano mu Afrika abasinga batera kuliyita ddogo, abalala nti kugenda mu nnyanja. Ndi musajja Mukatoliki akkiririza mu Katonda n’okukola ennyo ne mu ‘Karma’ ekitegezza nti akola ebirungi afuna birungi ate akola ebibi afuna bibi. Vampino (Elvis Kirya) Hahaha….! Ebyo ebya ‘Illuminati’ kuzannyira bantu ku bwongo naye si bituufu. Ng’omuntu sisobola kukkiririza mw’ebyo. Mbiwulira mu Amerika eri abagagga ababikkiririzaamu n’okubigoberera era bano beeyambisa ssente ennyingi ze balina okusendasenda abantu okubeegattako naye ebyo temuli! Navio ‘Illuminati’ tebiriiyo, kiringa bw’owuulira abantu aboogera ku ddogo. Bw’okola ennyo n’obaako obuwanguzi bw’otuuseeko nga baliyita ddogo ne beerabira nti maanyi go na Mukama Katonda bye bikusobozesezza okutuuka awo. Kati nze mmaze ebbanga nga ndi waggulu era waliwo abagezezzaako okunnwanyisa bansuule naye balemeddwa era omuntu kino ayinza okukiyita kyonna ky’ayagala oba bw’alowooza. EBIRALA................. ................................................................................................................................................................. Chameleon ayatuukiriza amannya g'akabinja k'abayimbi abakka mu nnyanja Akabinja akatwala abayimbi mu nnyanja keewaanye okutta AK47 Mzee Mayanja atandikiddewo okumaliriza ennyumba ya AK47 Ab'e Busaato- Kalangaalo bakyevuma bayaaye abeetabye mu kuziika AK47 Abantu balondodde Chameleon ne bamulesa okuziika mutoowe AK47 Effujjo lisusse mu kuziika omuyimbi AK47 Luuluno oluyimba 'Ndi Mulokole' AK47 lwe yalese afulumizza We baaziise AK47 wali mu mbeera mbi!! AK47 aziikiddwa: Kitaawe alaajanidde Gavt.'Muntaase enjaga emmalirawo abaana' Abooluganda boogedde ku mugenzi AK47 Bad Black akungubaze AK47 Omuvubuka eyabaddewo nga AK47 attibwa abuze
Afro Based UG News World Wide News In Brief # wwnib AK47 Death: Sheebah Karungi is very Broken ... She's Googling "How To Cope With Grief". Lil Wayne Says Drake Had Sex With His Girlfriend. Nutty Neithan to premier ''Bakuwe Kyonywa" video on Thursday, March 26 at 7:00pm Amnesia. Sheebah shares her sadndess en sorrow # sheebah . AfrigoBand's Allan Ssewanyana has apparently been remanded to Luzira prison over allegedly defaming a betting company. Perro Aguayo Jr: Wrestler Dies At 35 After In-Ring Accident. #WWNIB@21:30 Afro Based Ug©2015.


by Iam Bitingu on 24-Mar-15
Chameleone atuukiridde ekitongole kya Flying Squard n’akiwa amannya g’abali mu kabinja k’abakka mu nnyanja abeewaanye okutta muganda we AK47.

Truth be told, we don't get a lot of visitors to this site.  The reason for that is that we haven't made it compelling enough for people to explore and use.  That's it.  No excuses.  Improving it isn't easy, given that our time and resources are extremely limited.  Also, it isn't exactly inspiring to see how insignificant we continue to be in the overall picture of things in the world, in spite of our accumulated expended effort. 

Regardless of discouraging results, we will press on, always on the lookout for what changes we might be able to make that will result in our becoming more productively engaged in the world of popular song.

We are keenly aware that most people are as engaged with the internet as they would like to be and that what might be important to us might not be even worth being informed about to others, especially those with whom we share no special bond.  So let's be clear about one thing; if you join our email list, notification about breaking developments will not clutter your inbox very often.  We've sent out just four general emails in the five years we've had this site.

Lately, however, we've been making a bigger effort to move things along and made some significant breakthroughs that some of those who would like to see us make more productive use of our songs might like to be informed of.

If you join our email list, you will be informed of any SIGNIFICANT developments, such as, record releases, concerts, big connections made and the like.

A lyric video to the track Bully is now out. Go check it out and let us know what you thin about it :)

Please feel free to contact us at if you think there is some way your experience in having visited our website could have been more enjoyable.  We're not the most tech-savvy people around; we lean toward the tactile in life.  Most of the time, we're immersed in the day-to-day litany of chores involved with trying to survive in the here and now, with an hour, or two, left over for practicing our music material.  With the help of a couple of batteries and an inverter, we can now burn CDs to order, should anyone want one.  To do do thatat, we have to know what songs you'd like on the CD, and in what order.  The price per track would be 80 cents.  The price for making the CD, packaging it and mailing it would be $10, and postage would depend on where you would like it sent.  Payment could either be by check, mail order or through PayPal. 

Of one thing, be sure: when we see that people have visited this site, on any particular day, we're over-thr-top grateful. It lifts our spirits more than you can even imagine.  Just being able to know that people have shown an interest in what we are trying to do motivates us to keep searching for the right synthesis of sense and sound that makes songs memorable and likeable.

After the heady experience of being assured of a fall of 2014 launch date for the re-release of the record I put out in 1972, "The Memoirs of Hakeford Wart", and after telling hundreds of people that the event was imminent, it has come as a cold shower experience to have to watch that time slot slide by without a word explanation from the label, Strawberry Rain.  Making a big deal about what you intend to do, and failing to follow through, is not a good way to make a success of something.  Complicating matters was the fact that our emails of enquiry, discreetly levied, went unanswered, possibly directed into some spam box, perhaps, we don't have any way of knowing. Eventually, we thought it proper to do some investigating into what the heck might be up.

We contacted a Begian record collector who has given us solid support, Etienne Reyser, to see if he had the pull to be able to do better than we had.  He got right back with an explanation that seemed to fit the situation.  Apparently, the financial math doesn't pan out.  For a run of under 500, it seems, a record set comprised of 3 LPs and a booklet, is too expensive, per item, to justify getting made.  It's an understandable dilemma.  The last thing we want is for them to lose money trying to honor the agreement.  Enough people lose money on music.  No use adding one more to the pile, just for the sake of appearances.

It did occur to us, though, that we might be able to get some help by putting out an appeal, either here, or through a kickstarter program, to generate a list of committed buyers that would allow the company to derive a per unit production cost discount by driving the safe sales projection beyond the 500 unit mark.

Naturally, after so many turn-downs, over so many years, we're not in that big a hurry to advertise to the world that we have finally gleaned a small amount of recognition for the songs we have up on this website.  We've had SO many disappointments with trying to get any recognition for the work we've done that we're admittedly dubious that these latest developments will lead to anything lastingly helpful.  Can you blame us?  Still, we DID put the ads up on the Craigslist sites of various well-known music hubs around the world and, having elicited the response we sought, we're not going to get cold feet now.  The enquiries that came were not many.  Only two seemed to hold any promise - not so much a scientific assessment as a general feeling.  No big names, mind you, but one never knows what the future may hold.  Life isn't like a computer screen box with the words "BIG SUCCESS" inside, which you can activate by just clicking on it.  All the way, you just have to bear with taking your most well-calculated risks and let whatever ensues unfold.

Peter says: In no small way, the isolation of being confined under somewhat severe circumstances - no electricity, a wood stove only, cold water only, no truly fast friends to share with, a spartan diet, cooking with fire, no baths or showers, the attendant pains of hard physical work - whetted my resolve to reach far beyond the limitations of the American market to blast our prospects out from the overburden of indifference that accumulated over them in the dreary psychic climate we experienced in Seattle as a struggling poor white couple, yearning for better but, somehow, unable to evoke from others, who mattered, the creative and intellectual credit we believe our combined skills merited.  To say that I dislike modern American popular music would be a royal understatement.  Much of it makes my skin crawl.  So it's not surprising that the executives behind modern American music appear not to like the music that Hashtone Alley puts out.  It was a tit-for-tat bound to come to nothing, as long as nothing new intervened to upset the equation.

Updates & Blogs coming soon!

★★★pro by C.R.S★★★

👤Apple tee-ndekupi kuri better
👤Cally weed-timeless
👤Cello culture-iwewe babe
👤Chatsman-she met mi once
👤Chilla b-ATM
👤D flexx & Fyachyld-nyarara
👤Dowdizzo-on my way
👤Eddie kells-timeless
👤Empress Eyahra-so sweet
👤Ezbee fyah & nuddy 👤nyce-cherechedza
👤Fychyld-ho ho ho
👤G brandon-perfect combination
👤Gun myro-timeless
👤Guspy warrior-bless my soul
👤Icious & rasbriboy-shinga
👤Nah bless-haile jah
👤Jah follower-no mo stranger
👤Jerrymun-illuminati no
👤Khan flex ft darula-one in a million
👤Killaman-chihuya tisangane
👤Kinnah-babe gal
👤Lady thanda-timeless
👤Lisha T-ndinofara
👤Lisha T-timeless editedx
👤Maggikal-my journey
👤Muffcat-gone too soon
👤Nardine brown-ruler of my world
👤Nina grande-timeless
👤Nutty o-give thnx & praises
👤Overated General-timeless
👤Ras caleb-tauya marastaman
👤Rebel(sharp shooter)-zvenyu munemababe
👤Reign-get going
👤Rodychrist-yakapfura nguva
👤Vicvado-chant a psalm

For A Cause

by Joseph Dsouza on 17-Feb-15

Twitter_icon_for_status: Buy This, It's for a good CAUSE ,,,,

50% of sales go to the charity Sweet Relief.

if you buy from

Joe peters & the syntonic comma

Rock / Progressive Rock,Progressive Jazz, / Instrumental, Hard Rock Mumbai, IN  

Rank #1

Joe peters & the syntonic comma

Joe peters & the syntonic comma

Rock / Progressive Rock,Progressive Jazz, / Instrumental, Hard Rock Mumbai, IN  IN

In Fell Traitors  (6 days ago)

Inside of Me builds nicely with the layers. Great progression and I dig your voice.