In late December of 2014, there have were unprecedented spikes in the number of repeat visits to this subdomain, interspersed with days of near complete inactivity.  At the same time, no one downloaded a single track.  This leads us to conclude that those spikes were not the result of enthusiasm for our music, which is what this subdomain is really here to promote. 

For us, this results in confusion about how well the music, itself, is doing.  As a result, we've decided to take our writing into safe keeping for the while, until we can assess what the hell is going on with the music.  In the meantime, we'll continue adding chapters to our chronicle.  If you want updates or back issues of the chronicle, write to us personally.  We'll consider each request and if we deem it appropriate to share (given our circumstances we face in this area) we'll e-mail you a copy.  This cautionary provision is the product of contrary experience.

It has long been our desire to do a bang-up recording of music we've been working on for a long time.  In the 22 years we've been writing and playing together, we have yet to get there.  Ideally, some interested party with good connections in the music business would partner with us in making that record happen.  Failing that, we would sponsor the recording ourselves.  Toward that end, we hoped that visitors to this site would help contribute to the cost of that effort by downloading tracks.  More importantly, downloads would give us the moral support we needed to feel confident enough to go ahead with that project.

Naturally, after so many turn-downs, over so many years, we're not in that big a hurry to advertise to the world that we have finally gleaned a small amount of recognition for the songs we have up on this website.  We've had SO many disappointments with trying to get any recognition for the work we've done that we're admittedly dubious that these latest developments will lead to anything lastingly helpful.  Can you blame us?  Still, we DID put the ads up on the Craigslist sites of various well-known music hubs around the world and, having elicited the response we sought, we're not going to get cold feet now.  The enquiries that came were not many.  Only two seemed to hold any promise - not so much a scientific assessment as a general feeling.  No big names, mind you, but one never knows what the future may hold.  Life isn't like a computer screen box with the words "BIG SUCCESS" inside, which you can activate by just clicking on it.  All the way, you just have to bear with taking your most well-calculated risks and let whatever ensues unfold.

Peter says: In no small way, the isolation of being confined under somewhat severe circumstances - no electricity, a wood stove only, cold water only, no truly fast friends to share with, a spartan diet, cooking with fire, no baths or showers, the attendant pains of hard physical work - whetted my resolve to reach far beyond the limitations of the American market to blast our prospects out from the overburden of indifference that accumulated over them in the dreary psychic climate we experienced in Seattle as a struggling poor white couple, yearning for better but, somehow, unable to evoke from others, who mattered, the creative and intellectual credit we believe our combined skills merited.  To say that I dislike modern American popular music would be a royal understatement.  Much of it makes my skin crawl.  So it's not surprising that the executives behind modern American music appear not to like the music that Hashtone Alley puts out.  It was a tit-for-tat bound to come to nothing, as long as nothing new intervened to upset the equation.

Updates & Blogs coming soon!

★★★pro by C.R.S★★★

👤Apple tee-ndekupi kuri better
👤Cally weed-timeless
👤Cello culture-iwewe babe
👤Chatsman-she met mi once
👤Chilla b-ATM
👤D flexx & Fyachyld-nyarara
👤Dowdizzo-on my way
👤Eddie kells-timeless
👤Empress Eyahra-so sweet
👤Ezbee fyah & nuddy 👤nyce-cherechedza
👤Fychyld-ho ho ho
👤G brandon-perfect combination
👤Gun myro-timeless
👤Guspy warrior-bless my soul
👤Icious & rasbriboy-shinga
👤Nah bless-haile jah
👤Jah follower-no mo stranger
👤Jerrymun-illuminati no
👤Khan flex ft darula-one in a million
👤Killaman-chihuya tisangane
👤Kinnah-babe gal
👤Lady thanda-timeless
👤Lisha T-ndinofara
👤Lisha T-timeless editedx
👤Maggikal-my journey
👤Muffcat-gone too soon
👤Nardine brown-ruler of my world
👤Nina grande-timeless
👤Nutty o-give thnx & praises
👤Overated General-timeless
👤Ras caleb-tauya marastaman
👤Rebel(sharp shooter)-zvenyu munemababe
👤Reign-get going
👤Rodychrist-yakapfura nguva
👤Vicvado-chant a psalm

For A Cause

by Joseph Dsouza on 17-Feb-15

Twitter_icon_for_status: Buy This, It's for a good CAUSE ,,,,

50% of sales go to the charity Sweet Relief.

if you buy from

Joe peters & the syntonic comma

Rock / Progressive Rock,Progressive Jazz, / Instrumental, Hard Rock Mumbai, IN  

Rank #1

Joe peters & the syntonic comma

Joe peters & the syntonic comma

Rock / Progressive Rock,Progressive Jazz, / Instrumental, Hard Rock Mumbai, IN  IN

In Fell Traitors  (6 days ago)

Inside of Me builds nicely with the layers. Great progression and I dig your voice.

Braximusic has been booked for a two night engagement at Albany Theatre in Coventry (central England) on September 18th and 19th 2015! Location is perfect for anyone who wants a lovely musical evening out. Tickets go on sale soon---- 


by HBO GnB on 13-Feb-15

Your RNO group are planning on releasing this website publicly to everyone who have created an account with: new songs, events, and interviews. The release date is 4/27/2015 (April 27 2015). Stay signed in #HBO100

Won´t change a thing is finally out and is available on itunes aswell @



Rob Miller, a photographer from Hampshire, has contacted us to express his feelings about The Bending Space. Thankfully, it was all positive stuff so, this is not so much a news feature but more of a personal message of thanks to Rob for making us feel so positive about our music. Rob, has also written us a poem expressing how our music makes him feel. Not only that.... he has written all the funky verses phonetically. Now we are not entirely sure why he has done this but there are a number of theories we have considered all of which are very self aggrandising and almost certainly wrong. Whatever the reasons, it all seems very mysterious and extremely flaterring. So, why not show it off. Actually, he has also provided an appropriate translation for the phonetics to make it a little easier to comprehend. Anyway, why not pay a visit to Rob's Facebook page to experience some of his photography and maybe drop him a line at Nice going Rob. Here's to ya! 


We are happy to announce that our radio station, swainmedia radio, is now available for download in the Google Play store for Android phones and tablets. This is the first of our apps to launch, with versions for iProducts, BlackBerry and Windows Phone coming in the very near future. Head over to Google Play, search swainmedia and get yourselves access to some of the best unsigned bands in the world!

Lyric video to heart Of A lion coming out soon. Watch out 

My Manifesto

by Peter Wale on 08-Feb-15

There are great songs, and then there are great singer/songwriters.   Producing one great hit song doesn’t make you a great singer/songwriter; a lucky one perhaps, but not a great one.   It’s the ability to put out good songs with substance, on a sustained basis, that makes you a great singer/songwriter.  The traveling minstrels of hundreds of years ago were the forerunners of today’s singer/songwriters.  The best of them embodied two salient qualities – musical ability and an abundance of life experience (theirs and others’) to draw on when making up new songs.  The more the audience felt the songs reflected true events and true emotions, the greater the acclaim accorded the singer.  All the machinations of the “star-maker machinery behind the popular song” notwithstanding, the same principle holds true today.

If you don’t believe me, try naming ONE great singer/songwriter who started off rich and comfortable.

Call it karma, if you like, but the uncomfortable truth is that, if you want to be a truly great singer/songwriter, you’re first going to have to go through the life experience needed to act both as a catalyst and a foundation for it.  In short, you’re going to have a story people are curious about.  It’s part of the package.

A songwriter without a story is like icing without the cake – sweet to the taste, but not fulfilling.  You’ve got to have a solid slice of life under your belt if people are going to relate in a profound way to your music.  Real songwriters write songs about real life.  They provide a way for listeners with easier lives to experience uncomfortable reality vicariously – the way great movies and books do.

The Bending Space is currently self funded and will remain so until it is no longer possible. We believe that music as a specific form of communication and art should not be deliberately limited in the creative process but should attempt to both engage and challenge the listener, if communication is the aim. We are openly hostile to the music industry for what we feel is good reason, as it not only appears to be a conventional and flawed business model but also seems to have contempt for its customers. This is conveyed by delivering a series of grotesquely banal performers in the mass media who apparently covet anything but musical objectives.

Most protagonists in the music industry seem to credit themselves with the accidental discovery or appreciation of past and present performers who require a list of credentials enabling the approval and embrace of their admirers. All of these people, performers and analysts alike, seem to have power and wealth which is completely out of proportion to their own artistic or social contributions in society. With no change in sight this still powerful industry appears to continue to waste resources on unsustainable projects.  

In a modern age with so much variety and quality available outside of the mainstream the holders of power are evidentally uninformed and out of touch. This just doesn't bother them and this just isn't good enough.


by Nancy Osazee on 31-Jan-15

So far 2015 has been action packed. Go Big or Go Home. That's the motto

After a 2+ year hiatus, Fixated Spasm has returned!  I decided to take a break from my project plus I had upgraded my computer thus my old audio software was no longer compatible.  I have since found new software that I feel comfortable with and am putting new material as I type this!  I am wanting to compile either an EP or a full length album before uploading any new tracks.  In the past I had upload a track as I made it but this time I plan on waiting until it is fully done. 

Zachh.'s next mixtape "Realization," drops February 21, 2015!

The first two singles, "Close My Eyes" & "O.C.D." can be streamed and downloaded at

It'll be able to be downloaded for free on SoundCloud, ReverbNation, & DatPiff. You can also pre-order a hard copy at


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Review and interview on Sesto Daily News:

by Concita Occhipinti