The Music World

by Young Kay on 01-Sep-14

Earth, the world of music. It seems the music hamony has spread all around the world.

Sorry, I guess one has to write the whole story in one go. I tried to add to it, but it didn't save it.  I'll start again.

So, we ended with the dust storm and the rain storm in southeast Washington.  We relieved our stress by stopping in at the Horse Heaven Saloon in Prosser for a beer. After about an hour, we got back in the truck and headed west, sitting two feet from one another, but each in our own world, as the noise in the cab was so loud that no conversation could be had without shouting.  We had had enough of being awake by the time we reached the Yakima river canyon road.  We pulled over onto one of the many places along that road where you can do so, and spent a chilly night in the back of the truck (we forgot to throw in the sleeping bags when we left the storage unit in Boardman!).  Up by 5:30 a.m., we climbed up the steep, rocky slope and marvelled at the dawn scene of the canyon:  high, grassy hills, the river below and the road winding ahead, disappearing behind the next bend.  What a treat.

We were back in Cle Elum by mid-morning to load the truck again.  We picked up the Volvo, which we had parked there a few days earlier, and started east to the new - and cheaper - storage unit we had secured in Umatilla on the Columbia river.  We met the owners of the storage units, along with two of their six Chihuahuas, and got the truck unloaded by 9:30 p.m. or so.  Then, we made the decision to park the truck in town, pick up the Audi we had left there the day before and drive it and the Volvo all the way to Long Creek.  That way, we could deposit one more of our aged fleet of vehicles to its new home.  We filled up on gas in Pendleton and started south on Hwy. 395, a very curvy road in that section and one, we found out, very active with wildlife.  I got a fright when a cougar ran across the road about 20 feet in front of me; Peter saw a bull elk with an enormous rack standing on the side of the road, plus several deer further on.  We might as well get used to this new feature of highway driving.  Going slow will be our policy from now on.

It's been about a week, now, of driving, lifting and sleeping whereever we happen to be when we can't go any further- all while eating little more than trail mix, bread with mayonnaise and V8 vegetable juice.  The truck has been an absolute trooper, making it through the most intense wind and dust storm we've ever seen in southeastern Washington state.  The air was colored brown for a good 30 minutes and we were afraid that Peter's canopy was going to be torn apart along one seam or another.  But, it came through in one piece.  The rain, though, did make its way inside through the overlapped pieces of plywood.  Nothing that wasn't going to dry up when the sun came out.

In the middle 90s a young high school woman gave birth to a young man now known as Young Kay. She knew that being young was not going to be an excuse for her not to feed her child, so she had to quit school and find something that will bring her money, that is a job. While she was working, her son had to stay with her mother, at a very young age. It continued to be like that for many years. Young Kay spent a lot of his childhood life living with his grandmother, who was more like a mother to him. He says his grandmother loved him like he was her last born son. However, Young Kay had to move to stay with his mother when he was in fourth grade. Throughout his childhood journey, Young Kay fell in love with music, as he wanted to be like Micheal Jackson, who turned out to be his greatest idol at that time. At age 9, he took another turn and started writing his own rap songs, inspired by a lot of USA's hip hop artists of that time, such as Ja Rule, Eminem, Kanye West, and so on. Sadly, after 7 years of not living with his grandmother, whom he visited every week and every holidays, she died of cancer and that took a huge part of his heart away.A few months after the incidence, Young Kay started recording his rap songs at an underground level, along with his friends who were also rappers, he says music was the only thing that kept his heart pumping. After his grandmother's passing, he bacame strongly attached to the sound of music, "It was like I couldn't breathe when there's no music around," so he says. A year later, Young Kay graduated from high school, which was a great achievement for him. He is currently in university studying music, his dream, and he is determined to make that dream a reality for sure. Young Kay is now also inspired by many young artist of his age, like the USA's Mindless behaviour(a male R&b band), Jacob Latimore, Diggy Simmons, and so on. He is eager to make success of his life, and he says he wants to change lives across the world with his music, wishing to work with a lot of the artists who inspired him.

hello Bantu Island fans, supporters, lovers etc.  thank you for visiting our page we really apprecaite it. there are many interesting  things you can do here whiter  its listening to your favorite bantu-island songs, new videos or if you just want to keep up with whats going on in the Bantu-Island empire in thier everyday life.

so with that being said; the ISland boys are once again finished a very funny video which will be coming out soon, somewhere next week as they said. from looking at the picture you can't help but laugh. if you can't wait to see this please comment on this page let us know and support the empire . thank you much love ! the comedy video has been shot in milwaukee's woods. the video is about five ladies who are being trained to fight in a war for thier country, but non of them actually knows  how to fight. Aw-ali plays the lady whos always putting on her make-up, while Ab-dirka plays the shy but very stinky lady, and mudays play this flirting type of women while osman and salah play the ulgy ladies who are always being  gossiped about thier looks. i don't know about but i am very interesting and looking forword to see this this. once again thanks for your time. before you leave please check the news, and the music and the videos. thank you ...god bless .

It is with much pleasure that I make the announcement that my original song GOODBYE JULY has come in at #1 on the Fab Chart, a top 30 countdown for independent music!

After spending weeks climbing rapidly up the charts, I am finally ecstatic to announce that the #1 spot is ours!

Thank you so much for all the kind words and tweets, and for spreading the video around to make this happen! 

Thank you thank you thank you!

Well, the 51-year-old GMC pickup truck, for which Peter built the canopy, successfully transported the piano down I-5, along the beautiful Columbia River and over mountain passes to Long Creek, where we've taken the gamble to open the cafe.  The whole process was touch-and-go, as the truck hadn't been driven on the highway in more than 20 years, much less with a homemade canopy and a 500-lb. piano in the back.  Peter's persistence about having to have everything tightly fastened with screws paid off - there was absolutely nothing that was going to come apart while driving 60 mph down the highway - and it didn't.  The only problem we had was when, after about 10 hours of driving, the truck's engine started to cut out.  We had to pull off to the side of the road at dusk to deal with it.  We suspected that it was the fuel filter, so Peter removed it.  When he took it apart, we found a good amount of rusty debris that had been in the bottom of the fuel tank.  He tapped most of it out and then swished it around in a cup of gasoline.  He put it back in and we started off up the final pass of the trip and the truck didn't hesitate once.  Peter did it again!
Once we got to Long Creek, we unloaded everything but the piano from the truck.  Not knowing a whole of folks there, we didn't feel comfortable presuming that anyone would want to help us get the piano out of the truck and into the cafe, so we began to contrive a system of leverage out of the lumber we had just unloaded when Roy from down the street walked up and insisted that he find a couple of strong guys to help.  In less than 2 minutes, he brought back two men and the five of us lifted it without too much trouble onto the front step.  We used some kind of a display rack with a set of strong casters that Rachel had found in the cafe to roll the piano into the back of the bar.  Finally, it made it!
We set up the bed in the middle of the back room of the cafe with the bar on the east wall, the piano on the south wall and the big, woodstove to the north and it felt good.  The next day, we felt as though our syncronicity  was on the right track when Karey Wallum, a filmmaker who had been in town for awhile with his crew, happened to need a bar where he could shoot his next scene.  Despite the incredibly dirty state of the cafe, he thought ours would be a perfect setting to use and offered us 100 bucks.  So, we cleared away some of the clutter and cleaned what we could and they were setting up the scene when we drove away in the truck, headed back to Seattle to pick up another load. 

12/25/14 - Demo

4/29/15 - Album

তারকাবহুল এই সিনেমায় আগের দুই পর্বের অভিনেতা আর্নল্ড শেয়ার্জনেগার, জেসন স্ট্যাথাম, সিলভেস্টার স্ট্যালন তো আছেনই, নতুন করে যুক্ত হয়েছেন হ্যারিসন ফোর্ড, মেল গিবসন, ওয়েসলি স্নাইপসের মতো তারকা। বিশেষ একটি চরিত্রে আছেন অ্যান্টোনিও ব্যান্ডারাসও।

আগের দুই পর্বের অভিনেতা ব্রুস উইলিস এবার বাদ পড়ায় সিনেমাটি নিয়ে শুরু থেকেই চলছিল আলোচনা। শোনা যাচ্ছিল অতিরিক্ত পারিশ্রমিক দাবি করায় নির্মাতারা বাদ দেন তাকে। তার জায়গাতেই পরে নেওয়া হয় হ্যারিসন ফোর্ডকে।

‘দ্য এক্সপেন্ডেবলস থ্রি’কে অবশ্য ভালোই টেক্কা দিচ্ছে আর রেটেড কমেডি ‘লেটস বি কপস’। বুধবারে মুক্তি পেয়ে এর মধ্যেই সিনেমাটি আয় করে নিয়েছে সাড়ে ৭ লাখ ডলার। যদিও তিন হাজারের বেশি হলে মুক্তি পাওয়া সিনেমাটিকে হিটের তকমা পেতে আয় করতে হবে দুই কোটি ডলার।

Book DJ BooM Today for your event! Providing upbeat dance grooves to slow relaxing background music. For adults and children. All equipment needed is owned. See the Book tab for details.

New Mixtape coming very soon presented by Nazty dirty Sex Music 




DJ BooM Out Now!

by DJ BooM on 01-Aug-14

Well, The waiting is over! The album is now avalible! Listen in the music section or download on iTunes! Like stated before, Thisis the first of a career, so be looking forward to future works by DJ BooM!

A searingly honest song.

I’m dealing with acceptance whilst clinging on to hope. To actually realise that it’s me that fucked up and maybe got my timing wrong and how I’d directed my commitment to another. (more on that later)

“Reading the book between the lines” is reading your lover’s diary and you find out some home truths about yourself and you’ve been deceived. Clearly it’s over but you still think you want and can have happiness. Too much damage, too much baggage, too heavy a load.

I found solace not in the arms of another but in a fellow songwriter.

A true bluesman willing to do nothing but play guitar, sing songs of protest, we’d share our frustrations and I’d just admire his drive for gigging, constantly practising and mastering his art. And then comfort him when he was vomiting with stage fright. We’d stay up late smoking weed and drinking and I’d wake up with no clear vision.

My own music becomes fresh again and feels like I’ve discovered something new and found my voice.

"Don’t ever feel sorry for yourself, you are not dying, it can be fixed, You will be happy again and you’ll feel that sun on your face"

This is not just for me, the colours of truth are for all of us. My ex, my children.

One of the most anticipated audio in the recent times has arrived in a grand style. The event was opened to Press, Online media, Social networking partners, and most importantly to fans. Suriya had a thunderous welcome with whistles, claps, and fans kept cheering his name all the way. The lyrical videos of, 'Oru Kan Jaadai' & "Sirippu En' shown to the fans and media.
N. Subash Chandrabose gave the welcome speech and greeted the fans and said they are pairing up with Suriya's brother Karthi for "Enni Ezhu Naal'. Vishwaas Joshi, CFO of UTV Disney studios followed and went on to say that he is completely awed by the super stardom of Suriya and wished the 'Anjaan' star a very happy birthday.

Then the most awaited visuals of 'Bang Bang Bang' & Suriya's maiden attempt on playback singing 'Ek Do Teen' and the teaser which is a viral hit already screened and all three garnered huge applause. The visuals were stunning and the chemistry between Suriya and Samantha will be in the limelight for sure. Yuvan Shankar Raja, the hero of today's event explained how he managed to dish out different genres in the album. Kabilan, Madhan Karky, Viveka, and Na. Muthukumar appreciated the other side of Lingusamy for his voracious sense over lyrics and tunes.
Suriya & Yuvan rendered couple of lines from 'Ek Do Teen' after giving brief introduction about all the songs. Abirami Ramanathan, Escape Artists Madhan, Manobala, Sasi, A.L. Vijay, Vikram Kumar, Gokul, Ponram, Vinoth, and Natty Kumar had few words to say and wished the birthday boy in advance. Parthiban ended the list with his trademark speech and gave a scoop about Suriya's next movie.
The notable absentees were Samantha and Santosh Sivan. Upon popular demand the songs and teaser played once again at the end for the fans. Overall, this audio release have clogged few more points  in raising the expectation for 'Anjaan'.


by Danny Israel on 21-Jul-14

Danny Israel put out huxley for per-order

DJ BooM's album will be hitting the iTunes store coming up on August 1! The album is very different in every song, the opening single, "Tokyo", is very up beat and electronic where the track "Saturn" is slower, but takes you through a space journey. Finally, the bonus track "Synth Symphony (Korean BBQ)" is a synth full dance melody with a pounding beat. The Album features a special edition of Tokyo that is extended and has better sound quality. The album is the beginning of a future of music, including DJ BooM's next album which is said to be more of an electronic-dub-step album...


by on 19-Jul-14

Blu finshed his website !!!!

Rami Ayash refuses to reveal the name of his heroine

Pop Star Rami Ayyash refused to disclose the name of his heroine that Scharkh filming his movie "accidentally" to the name of Cristo (writing Claudia Marchillaan), currently expected this year. The story centers around a young Egyptian living in Beirut and is facing a difficult crisis, which requires the intervention of Ayyash to help.

Maya Diab in new program

The program "Heck Mngena" on the screen of MTV for the artist Maya Diab will not returnwith a new season again after the month of Ramadan, but it will show the remainded episodes recorded of the program in the holiday period, and that after the administration of the station agreed on  ​​a new and completely different idea from the "heck Mngena". It will be prepared to be provided by Diab and directed by Camille Tanios.

New Song

by Pharaoh tyg on 13-Jul-14

New song just dropped :)


I am honored, excited and very happy to announce the Head Liners for the 9th Annual Soca Reggae Festival in Winnipeg at the Old Market Square location will be:

Reggae music Legend from Jamaica FREDDIE McGREGOR !!!!
 & from Montreal JAH CUTTA…Plus LENN HAMMOND for the whole weekend..!!!

Plus great local performers too :

 Kool Runnins Reggae Band, Idrissa & The Peace Makers Afro-Reggae Band, Paradize Soca Calypso Reggae Band, Kaya Reggae Band, Glen Williams & Crew Reggae & Soca Group, Soca & Calypso Artist Enigma.

 Reggae & Dance-Hall Artists : Kid Adoja Kapone, Demo-Mice, Natalya, One Man Wailin.

 New Bands to watch Showcase on Sat July 12, 2pm - 4pm Featuring:
 Keisha Booker Soul , R&B BAND, Jupiter Storm Funk / Soul BAND..

 Dj Bunny, Dj Juice, Dj Massive, Dj Vibesman & Bubba B the M.C. jammin in-between band change overs..