The Temptations and The Four Tops team up to play Broadway for one week only! The Temptations started in the early ‘60s in Detroit and rose to fame in 1964 with “The Way You Do The Things You Do.” They became the first Motown group to win a Grammy—for “Cloud Nine” in 1969. They won again in 1973 for “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone” and in 2001 for the album Ear-Resistable. Last year, they were honored with the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. The Four Tops began as Four Aims in 1956 under Chess Records, singing everything from pop, to blues, to Broadway and jazz. The quartet’s “Baby I Need Your Loving” marked their first Motown hit in 1964; it was soon followed by such chart-toppers as “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch),” “It’s The Same Old Song” and “”Reach Out I’ll Be There.” They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 and received the 2009 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Without doubt we can comfortably say Sean Tizzle has been one of the most consistent artiste since his ground breaking entry into the industry.

Since then he has built and lived up to the expectations with his Debut album titled #TheJourney.

Off the album Sean Tizzle strikes again leaving you dancing nonstop to his newest groove “Rara” which is a blend of Afro-Pop shows exciting dance steps.


Couple Outside Autumn 1


A woman’s body language often speaks louder than her words. (Hey, you’re giving off signs too). Women tend to be subtle in the ways they show their physical attraction. If you’re not paying close attention, then she might make a connection with someone who is. Here’s what you should be watching for:

1. She’s All Touchy-Feely
Touch is stimulating and intimate, releasing feel-good endorphins. If a woman touches you, she’s making a connection that says she’s into you. Hands aren’t the only body part to get into the action. Her leg may brush against yours. Or, her shoulder may brush up against you. No matter if her touch is accidental or on purpose, she’s sending you a message. By giving her a smile, winking or leaning toward her, you’re telling her you’re waiting for her next move.

2. She’s Getting Closer And Closer
If a woman is into you, then she’ll resemble the Leaning Tower of Piza. She’ll lean in closer to bridge the physical gap. When a woman feels a connection and is interested, she’ll move closer to you. So if a woman is leaning toward you, chances are, she’s interested in more than just what you have to say.

Wizkid L.A.X


If you are one of those wondering what kind of relationship really exists between L.A.X and Wizkid‎ especially regarding contractual agreements, we can tell you.

The young music act signed to Wizkid’s Starboy Records, told NET in an exclusive interview: ‘I have a record label deal with Starboy to release two albums in a duration of two years.’

You can’t possibly drop two albums in two years, L.A.X was asked but replied, saying: ‘The contract says we can extend the contract at the end of the two years, so it’s pretty much flexible, but really working with Wizkid is great, he’s very hard working and he motivates me a lot.’





Unknown Armed Robbers have chased Oritsefemi’s Range Rover SUV to crash early Saturday morning, 6th December 2014on Ikorodu Road, Lagos.

“The incident happened we were going to finish up a meeting my traveling arrangement today with Big Brother Africa’s officials in order to perform at the grand finale of the event in South Africa on Sunday 7th.

Yusuf ‘Danku’ Adepitan who was driving the Ranger noticed unknown gun men were chasing me-Oritsefemi- behind, on approaching Funsho Willams Road, Barrack Bus Stop, Surulere, and the suspected gunmen approached the driver. They ordered him to stop. Pointing guns at him, but Danku refused to stop. He accelerated trying to escape. While he was struggling with the robbers, a truck conveying loads of Cement hit the vehicle accidentally. Range driver’s side was smashed. Danku lost control. The truck hit him by the chest through the driver’s side. The airbag came out immediately”, Oritsefemi revealed the accident.

“I was at the back the back seat with my brother. I quickly cried for help before Good Samaritan rushed out from unknown area in Surulere to rescue Danku who had already been in coma. He could neither talk nor see anyone at the point”.
He has been hospitalized at a name withheld hospital in Ikeja receiving treatment.

“I thank God for my life and manager. No life was lost. My fans should pray for me”, Oritsefemi Concluded.


Braximusic are proud to announce they are working on a second album! In November 2014, Brandi and Max took off to Sweden, where they worked with Swedish producer Peter Hageras (who has worked with Taylor Dayne, Paul Potts, and many national and international Eurovision artists) to write and record brand new tracks that will be available in the late spring in 2015! These original songs tell the stories of love and life, with a modern pop twist. Keep visiting back this website for updates and more information! 

The Opposition

by Peter Wale on 01-Dec-14

Halloween is an ambiguous creation; some can't wait for it to come around, others wish it didn't exist.


For us, it took a bizarre turn that set us back on our heels.


Three days before, as Peter was coming back to home base from the store across the street, he noticed a letter-size piece of paper stuck under wiper blade of my ’83 Honda.

Puzzled he walked over to the car and retrieved it.  When he turned it over, there was a “photo-shopped” image of a very recognizable President Barack Obama hanging dead from a rope.  OK, this, we knew, was solid Republican Party territory, in which our current head of state has few supporters willing to stand up and be counted, but this went beyond what a reasonable person would consider acceptable political imagery, even here, especially in view of sensitivities surrounding the not-too-distant history of racially motivated lynchings in this country.  It wasn’t just grotesque; it was a boldly seditious violation of the normal limits of political speech. The implied intent behind its creation and dissemination on the web, it is reasonable to say, was to incite extremists to go beyond conventional limits in exercising their dislike of the current administration.  Not too much imagination is required to see how this nugget of incitement might embolden some wacko to have a go at doing the president or his family harm (like some recent White House fence-jumpers).  That’s not democracy in action – its political intimidation.

Raymon Jamez is in the process of booking Boston area dates for live performances. Expect to see him on tour beginning in early December of 2014. Raymon plans to perform as often as possible from December to late March, then return to the studio to begin a new project, also currently in development. More information, including show times, will be available as things develop. Want updates as they happen? Download the official Raymon Jamez app on Yapp!

New Song

by Robert Merit on 24-Nov-14

RIP26C has put out a new song go check it out in videos tab :)

Setting:  inside - comfortable, old coffee/craft beer/wine house in Pendleton, Oregon; outside - its snowing. 

Peter and I have been sitting in this incredible gathering spot called Great Pacific, sipping coffee and observing the flow of people through here, coming to meet friends, have a glass of wine or get a bite to eat.  The stage is set for a music performance - maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow.  The staff is pleasant and everything feels normal and secure.  We’re glad to be here for the while because soon we’ll have to re-enter our own scenario, where everything is anything but normal and secure.

It looks like we may be stuck in this town for a few days, so  we should try to make the best out of the opportunity.  The roads are not fit for driving on in our heavily loaded rear-wheel-drive vehicles (Peter’s ancient truck and the Volvo station wagon), especially not the remote, 100 mile road that we must take to get to Long Creek.  When we heard that there was an arctic air mass headed toward the Pacific Northwest, we couldn’t get out of Seattle fast enough.  I mean that in the very literal sense of the phrase:  we found it difficult to finish what we needed to do in order to beat the weather.  There was the truck to fix - it was leaking oil terribly, so we removed the valve covers, scraped the crusty carbon off of them, cleaned them, painted them a cheery green and cut new gaskets for them; there was fixing the indicator light cover that had fallen off the Volvo - I cut a new one out of a soda bottle and taped it on (amazingly,it looks like new!); there was some shopping to do, as well as loading the truck and, of course, friends to check in with.  It may be that we spent too much time seeing the people we missed the last time ‘round, but we’re glad we did.  In the end, friends must be honored.

Its been a month since Peter and I last came to Seattle to get the Le Car out of Scott’s driveway up the alley from where we used to live.  How time flies!  We thought then that we were pushing it as far as having decent mountain weather conditions to drive in.  Now it’s mid-November and, so far, our luck is holding out.

So, we’re back in Seattle with the truck and the Volvo to retrieve what’s been stored at various neighbors’ homes, and incidentally recovering at Robin’s house from the constant hard work at what is, I guess, now called home.  Luckily, the weather has been unseasonably mild in Long Creek this fall, which has made it easier to tackle the difficult tasks that face us each day.  Clint, our friend who lives about 10 miles west of us near Hamilton, a town that now consists of just a few ragtag houses along the highway, stopped by last week with a bag of his homegrown tomatoes.  We couldn’t believe it.  Before we moved to Long Creek, we were told that tomatoes wouldn’t have time to grow and ripen in during the brief growing season.  This year, Halloween has passed and we still haven’t had a frost! I can’t help ascribing it to global warming, and, despite the havoc that it’s going to wreak on many species, including our own, I’ll take the good with the bad and be grateful that I can grow a wider variety of things in a place where that wasn’t previously possible.  To us, it’s a wonderful opportunity; to many a local, though, who doesn’t believe in global warming, nothing has changed, therefore, nothing different should be tried!



Review on Antas magazine 18.10.2014

We have released a new single today. Entitled 'Grunts' it is currently available from this site exclusively on free download. It's a new song with a new TBS feel. Grab yourself a copy and funk out now! 

Weekly update

by Nancy Osazee on 11-Oct-14

It ´s been close to a month since the last update. Sorry for the wait. Just as always, always working on new materials and projects. Something new and exciting coming soon

The debut mixtape, "Edge of America", will drop October 31st, 2014. Download will be available on and uploaded to YouTube,

Raymon Jamez has joined the ranks of swainmedia artists. Raymon has brought you great tracks in the past, including "Nightmare", "She Just Wanna Be Loved", and "Venom". With the guidance and mentorship of swainmedia in his corner, he is confident in his ability to raise the bar even higher. Look for new music from Raymon very soon!

Sam Carroll will be releasing his next Christmas Album for the year of 2014.  This will be a unique blend of sing a long songs with influences from popular tunes from earlier years.  The album will have a rich R&B influence along with some soul and jazz.  This album will be great for any Christmas music enthusiast to own.  There are songs for parites, family refelction time, and even some tunes to dance too.  Don't miss out on this great holiday music collections.  Coming Soon!!!

Ups and Downs

by Peter Wale on 02-Oct-14

Rachel here.

Two of my favorite things in life are receiving a hand-written letter in the mail and riding my bicycle.  So, when I got on the bike we had brought from Seattle just after having received a letter from a sweet barista we had recently met at the District Coffeehouse in Boise, I felt pretty good.  The view of the beautiful golden hills beyond the crest of Main St. to the east didn't hurt, either.  I was going to check in on Ray, who lives next door to the other piece of land we own in town, to see whether he was ready to can the peaches we had picked in Kemberly on Sunday.  He didn't seem to be home, so I headed back to the cafe.

It didn't take me long to realize that BOTH of my tires were flat!  I knew what the culprit was and I had been warned about it a few days earlier:  it was the weed commonly referred to as "goat heads."  The extremely tough, three-pointed thorns are a bain to bicycle tires, among other things, like bare feet (ouch! that's even worse).  I tried not to think that this was just another sign that we'd made the wrong decision by coming to Long Creek, but when my high was so abruptly upset, it was difficult not to.

In the past month, we've experienced both highs and lows - more of the latter than the former - and we've learned that the best way to deal with the lows is to just tackle the next task at hand.  I walked my bike back and immediately patched the tires.

Yup, two concerts at the wonderful Science and Non Duality Conference in October. One solo and one with Arupa Gold.
So looking forward to hanging out with the world's leading spiritual teachers, it will be a high energy Buddha field, and the fact that I am playing also is quite something for me.

Arupa Gold play Sat evening and I play Sun afternoon (26th October) at 4.20pm.

More details are available on the SAND website. It is going to be an amazing event.