It has long been our desire to do a bang-up recording of music we've been working on for a long time.  In the 22 years we've been writing and playing together, we have yet to get there.  Ideally, some interested party with good connections in the music business would partner with us in making that record happen.  Failing that, we would sponsor the recording ourselves.  Toward that end, we hoped that visitors to this site would help contribute to the cost of that effort by downloading tracks.  More importantly, downloads would give us the moral support we needed to feel confident enough to go ahead with that project.

In reality, precisely the opposite occurred.  We lost money, paying to keep the download option active and the failure of the effort affected our confidence in a profoundly negative way.

We gave it five years, and in that time, we earned precisely $7.20.  Not even appeals to friends and family made the slightest difference.  At the same, the option for others to download was costing us $10/month and countless hours of ad-formulating in an effort to try to stimulate down load sales.  To say that the download option was a abyssmal failure is a flagrant understatement. 

To the pitiful few who did, actually, exercise the option, we'd like to say a heartfelt 'thank you'.  Your generous support did far more than just add some change to our pockets; it kept our spirits up, which was more valuable to us than you can imagine.


If the authorities who're investigating Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho are right, he is a “key link” in the cash laundering chain used by the Sinaloa Cartel, stated Yadira Galvez, a safety analyst at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).Apparently, this Brazilian businessman is nicely positioned as being a collaborator with the Sinaloa Cartel,” Gálvez stated. “The operations from the Sinaloa Cartel might be adversely impacted if the authorities carry on to capture (high-ranking) associates like El Chap and if they penetrate the monetary structure from the cartel. This might undermine the power of the Sinaloa Cartel. Cash laundering allows the Sinaloa Cartel and other transnational criminal organizations to make use of funds produced by unlawful activities to buy weapons and also to bribe corrupt officials, the security analyst stated.

Unlike El Chapo Guzman, who was seldom seen in community and never photographed throughout his years around the operate, Daniel Fernandes Rojo Filho made no attempt to maintain a reduced public profile. On websites and on social media he posted many pictures of himself posing beside luxury vehicles and private airplanes. He also designs himself as Brazil’s “chancellor” within the U.S. His website,, is titled “Brazillian (sic) Chancellor to U.S.A.,” and describes the chancellorship’s function as “a various educating and learning community that produces, discovers and applies understanding to improve the health and well-being of Brasil and also the globe.” The “chancellor” title is actually an empty honorific bestowed by a private Sao Paulo cultural and business association which has offered similar titles to a host of company and enjoyment figures. The “chancellor” title has no formal Brazilian government link. No one seems to care that he does not have any distinct business passions besides to advertise occasions, that are widely publicized in celeb and lifestyle magazine Caras. click on to get much more information on dfrf enterprises llc

Baada ya mud mrefu wimbaji kuweka nyimbo zao mitandaoni bila malipo, sasa suruhisho limepatikana, mwimbaji mkongwe anatarajia kuingiza nyimbo zake katika tovuti ya Tune Zetu,nibaada ya makubaliano kati yake na uongozi wa mtandao huu, amefurahia ujio wa Network hii kwa waimbaji wa Injili, ambao wengi wamekuwa wakiweka nyimbo zao bila malipo kwa kuona fahari ya kuonekana mitandaoni bure,sasa kilakitu kinaenda vizuri na albamu yake mpya itawekwa muda wowote.

Hi ,, Here's a video My Son Who is The Drummer With Us,,He writes,,,

Hey there guys!!! How has your week been going? Well its Friday and here's a new video for you guys. Today i did a video of an original song called Soul (Levitation). I'm doing this video with my dad who is an awesome guitarist and also an awesome person. so here's Soul Levitation by our band Joe Peters & the Syntonic Comma. Cheers!!!! Thumbs up and Subscibe!!!!! And don't forget to share. Also check out our Facebook page. The link is down below. We have a lot of original music for you guys there.

A:  You know, there are quite a few days when we ask ourselves that very same question.  Most days, however, we're pretty happy just working away at making the cafe we bought, nicer to be in, prettier to look at and better to work in.  The overarching goal is to add a great deal of value to the property and then, either use it ourselves as a place of business, or sell it at a respectable profit.

To date, besides the enormous challenge of moving everything out here, using our own vehicles, we have done the following over the past seven months:

Come through fall and winter with no electricity and only a wood stove for heat and cooking, requiring sawing by hand through a full cord of wood so that the pieces were right for our stove, which is divided in half, internally, to allow for the baking of bread and different areas of temperature on the stove top

Cleaned up and shaped the big boxelder in front of the cafe, the boxelder behind the cafe and the old apple tree behind the cafe

Cleaned up and restored the big lawns beside and behind the cafe, and the lawn on the lot adjoining ours to the south of the property

Dug and installed sixty feet of plastic-lined, rock-filled ditch to divert water dripping from the roof on the west side away to the south side lawn area.  Prior to this,  the combined runoff from the roof and the highway (uphill from the building ground line) had run straight under the footings of the building, causing the west side to sink about six inches, severely warping the floor inside.  In addition, two diversion channels were created to interdict the flow from the highway.

On the remote chance that you might want to contact either, or both, of us, you can use our email account - - or our land address - P.O. Box 256, Long Creek, OR 97856.  T Mobile, our cell phone carrier, doesn't have coverage in this area.

NOMINATED AND WON Song of The Year Award: The winner is Neera Neera by Radio. The Legend Award: The Late Ever green Elly Wamala. Female Artist of the Year: The Winner is Sheeba. Male Artist of the Year: The Winner is Eddy Kenzo. Showbiz Personality of the year: The winner is Desire Luzinda. Music Group of the year: The Winner is Good Lyfe. Producer of the Year: The Winner is Nessim. Inspiration Song of the Year: The Winner is Bobi wine with Byekwaaso. Concert of the Year: The winner is Bobi wine (Size yo concert). Best Collaboration of the Year: The Winner is Maro and David Lutalo (Mubbi Bubbi). Stage Performance of The Year: The Winner is BebeCool. Luga Flow Artist of the Year: The Winner is Gravity omutujju. Dancehall Artist of the Year: The Winner is Ziza Bafana. Best comedian of the Year: The winner is AMOOTI. Song Writer of The Year: The Winner is RADIO. Rising Star of The year: The Winner is APASS. SOSHO LYFE UG©2015 "Doing it Ugandan"
BEST COLLABO Amaaso - Goodlyfe Love Letter - Iryn Ntale & Bebecool Born Fighter - Chemeleone& MunG Fitting - Goodlyfe & Desire Luzinda ZZINA - Viboyo, Vampino Benon, GNL BEST COMEDIAN Pablo Kimuli MC Kapale Ann Kansiime Afande Kelekele BEST CONCERT Obudde Badilisha Battle Kamunguluze Konshens & Alaine BEST DANCEHALL SONG Gyayo Ntekeyo - Ziza Bafana Frontline - Peter Miles Selector - Cindy Sejjusa – Mun G BEST DANCER(S) Grace Nakimera Maisha Tip Swizzy Cindy FASHION POLICE Iryn Ntale Eddy Kenzo Walukagga Chameleone BEST SABAVULU Suudiman KT Promotions Abitex Balaam Naz BEST FEMALE ARTIST Rema Fille Cindy Irene Ntale Julianna HIT SONG OF THE YEAR Amaaso - Goodlife Kokodiosis – Bebe Cool Badilisha - Chameleone Zzina - Viboyo, Benon, Vamposs & GNL Kamunguluze - Eddy Kenzo Kukaliba - Rema Namakula INSPIRATIONAL SONG OF THE YEAR Saba - Julie Mutesasira Akawala - Wilson Bugembe Favour - Judith Babirye Prophecy - Exodus(this year) LOST AND FORGOTTEN Maddoxx Ssemattimba Kid Fox Red Banton Ziggy Dee Mega Dee BEST LOVE SONG No Money - Fille Hellena - Goodlyfe, David Lutalo Kukaliba - Rema Fitting - Goodlyfe, Desire BEST LUGAFLOW ARTISTE Gravity Omutujju Mun G Santana GNL BEST LYRICS WRITER Nince Henry Saxess St. Andrews Ray Signature MALE ARTISTE Bebe Cool Bobi Wine Chameleone Walukagga MUSIC GROUP Vocal Police Goodlyfe Gagamel Big Talent OVERSEAS Blessings – Peter Miles,Demarco Amaaso - Goodlyfe, Pallaso Clean & Out – Bobi Wine, Mr. G On & On - Navio, Keith Sweat PRODUCER Nash Wonder Hannz Exo Producer Crouch Andy Muzik STAGE PERFORMANCE Grace Nakimera Bebe Cool Chameleone Eddy Kenzo Mun G RISING STAR Fille Khalifah King Saha Iryn Ntale Nutty Neithan Apass
MOST ADORABLE FEMALE CELEBRITIES. 1:Anita Fabiola 2:Spice Diana 3:Rema Namakula 4:Irene Ntale 5:Lydia Jazmeen 6:Fille 7:Zani Brown DO YOU AGREE ?? IF NO! PRESENT YOUR ORDER.


MALALA LYRICS VICTOR KAMENYO (DOWNLOADED FROM IAM BITINGU.MYMUSICSTREAM.COM/LYRICS) ((((INTRO)))) Sound cover Digg baur Victor kamenyo Tebalidayo ((((CHORUS#)))) Nze sirina namalala nze sirina ah ehhhhh maama nze sirina Na malala nze sirina Sirina sirina nze sirina na malala nze sirina ah ehhhhh maama nze sirina Na malala nze sirina. ((((VERSE I)))) Okk ehh hippo vocalists sitani gegamu gobya mu gulu Nga newoba oyimba otya mugulu tomukuba kivulu Ku lwa malala namasappe ya manyira abakulu Buterevu yasindikibwa emagombe mu nsyenyi enkalu Wano Gadafi yayingiza engato muzikiti omukulu Teyakoma kwe kyo navuluga ne kitabo ekikulu Yafa nga mubbi wa boda bamukuba kiralu Golola wano yatusubizza okudugaza omweru Training yali mu kibira nga kuba mitti mikalu Byagwa owolomera mu ring nga ba musibye enkalu Ku kyasa abajulizi kiriza amalala kwe gaali Nga kabaka Mwanga yababuza amanya nga webaali Kulwa malala na ma sappe bamudamu mwenyegere buzza abali awo bazze ketta Nuwa mawagali Kabe nze ku list ya kalaba muba kwe muli Katonda yagamba Falawo ajje abaddu emisiri Kulwa malala na masappe yalaga amawagali Okera kumakya nga omusika afiride ku buliri Nga kaputi mayiti. ((((CHORUS#)))) Nze sirina namalala nze sirina ah ehhhhh maama nze sirina Na malala nze sirina Sirina sirina nze sirina na malala nze sirina ah ehhhhh maama nze sirina Na malala nze sirina. ((((VERSE II)))) Siganye muwala gwe akabina ko kasagala Kulwa malala nawe okatambuza obigula Owoza nina ebitone abasajja okula Werabidde nti obobina bangi abali kudagala Olwo kuba ovamu kavubuka atuwunyirira Olwo kuba ogeze edobbozi lyo mu njogera Obusimu bwa bantu kati otandise obunyakula Werabidde bano bangi bebokeza epira Anti siki siganye buli wogenda bakuwagira(omuyimbi) Olwo kuba gwa'liko ne ndulu bagikubira Kulwa malala ba presenter otandise omanyira Abakufula kyoli bona wamala dda okubawemula Tolowoza nti endulu gwe gwebasose ozikubira Manya mega d abdu mulasi nabo bazibakubira Ate bakyazikubira abayimbi bangi nyooo Omuli ne Victor Kamenyo. ((((CHORUS#)))) Nze sirina namalala nze sirina ah ehhhhh maama nze sirina Na malala nze sirina Sirina sirina nze sirina na malala nze sirina ah ehhhhh maama nze sirina Na malala nze sirina. ((((VERSE II)))) Alright ih!! Sekkito kulwa malala ge yagana okusoma Olwo kuba yali apota nga ayola nga musama Ekalamu nga ezitowa okusinga ekalayi nga tatoma Ekalayi yamumenya takyasobola kutama Black yakasuka nga amagya abanaku nga avuma Gagwa wo kati ali luzira akera kulima Takyavamu kinusu newo mukubisa sama Miko jackson wano yefumba mukyuma Ngawoza kanjeruke mbu obudugavu bwa ntama Yavunda enyiddo ogenda okufa nge'kyuma Omugenzi twa mugamba okwagala nga yezima Nga woza oli ko plus tebumukwata kyuma Nze'yali omujulizi nga buli kalya kasesema(siri yaluma oli) Muvubaka gwe nkulaba otambula ogoma Werabide nti wonokadiwa bugenda kufuka bulema. Bampita Victor Kamenyo Eyatta ente nga nsuna nsune Okuva mu sound cover yo ne.,digg baur wo Victor Kamenyo mu service. (((FINISHING CHORUS)))) Nze sirina namalala nze sirina ah ehhhhh maama nze sirina Na malala nze sirina Sirina sirina nze sirina na malala nze sirina ah ehhhhh maama nze sirina Na malala nze sirinaaaa. #Written and posted by the "The Extreme Beast" @ AFRO BASED UG©2015
(((INTRO))) My gyall.u're so incredible.U're someting terrible U're so incredible u're someting terrible ((((VERSE I)))) Da style truly Better truly mineee Music for shine Better me combineee All di galz dem see me dem dirty winee Ohhh dem luv me like valentine That's why gal I really want you close Ma shoe shinner she makes ma pedle frose Number one full of dozens of flowers Ah mi di boss nange sitya loss Kilo na misana everyday ngyagala tunyumwe ekibozzi My gal ngya gala mpulire edobbozzi Nkuwereza akayimba ka Micheal Rose Bwekaba tekakola nkuwereza aka Ricky Ross.ahh ((((CHORUS))))) Guddy Guddy Gyal My gal obasinga nnyo Guddy Guddy Gyal My gal am calling for you Guddy Guddy Gyal My gal obasinga nnyo Guddy Guddy Gyal Never leave me lonely ehhhh Every where we go,maximum respect Gyal u're good oh Every where we go,maximum respect Make some noise,maximum respect You damn galz,maximum respect We damn boyz,maximum respect We're making noise,maximum respect Every where we go oh uhm!,maximum respect. ((((VERSE II)))) Baby gal olumu nsaba munange 'nsonyiwe. Ebyo kunyiga no kukaba mukwano bisubile Towuliriza nga ebigambo bya kalebule Bagala kimu ondoke ebya love mbisibule That's why gal nakakano ngyagala nkubulire Come near bye njogera ngyagala obiwulire Teriba nomu aligya mbu akutengule Teriba nomu aligya mbu akutenguleee My gal waa nze bwentyo bwenguba Tondaba mba nga gwebakubye bulo gwe kuluba Nabwotunda mu katale gyal nze kugwe kwengula Nabafere bangi my gyal gwe toloba Guddy Guddy Gyal ah Guddy Guddy Gyal (((( APPLY#CHORUS)))) (((((VERSE III))))) My gyal wine slow wine so fast Looking sexy in da di tyt up shirt My gal u're someting incredible My gal u're someting terrible Jiggle up and back up slow Mi love that lips go to di danceflow Keep it low,gal put on your short My gal you gimme a double O My gal u're so incredible,u're someting terrible ahh ((((APPLY CHORUS)))) ****END***** AFRO BASED UG©2015 COURTSEY OF IAM BITINGU @IAMBITINGU. MYMUSICSTREAM.COM
((((INTRO/VERSE I)))) Uhm!! Kunze kunze ohhhh!!! Toba nabantu abatwagala bangi Bamanyi nokwetema ebingi ebitasoboka Enkeera omusanga nomubuza ki ekyabawo nga takunyega Eyali akukubilangako buli lunaku Nga kati lwo tagikubye webikoma Wakuyamba nakwata bye mwogera Owulikika nga nkale amukalubiriza ahhh Wenkugamba woligwa wendigwa ahh Kyolilya kye ndilya ahh Kitegeza ahhh bali nebwebalikuvamu nze ndibawo totya nga ahh Baby ehhh ((((CHORUS)))) Lean on meee I will never ever let you downn Count on me Bali nebwebaligenda nze ndibawo Lean on me I will never ever let you down Count on me Bali ne bwebaligenda nze ndibawo. (((((VERSE II))))) Waberawo omuntu akwagala ku mutima,oyo yenze Nze ne we bambuza ekikunjagaza mba gamba wenesanga ahhh Nkiwulira buwulizi muli munze Kwe gamba judge teri kugwe ehh Nebwebakukonjera kale ebigambo nga bingi ihhh Mbiwulira buwulizi ihhh Mbiwulira nendeka ahhh Kati mu mikwano mbala ahh Abalala ne bwebaba nga bagenze tofayo ohh uh ohhh oh,nze muno wo wendi ohhh ((((((APPLY CHORUS))))) ((((VERSE III)))) Na signing ku mutima nakwola ku munye siri ekyusa ohh uh ohh ohh ohhh ohh ohhhoooo ohh oh oh Bali nebwebaligenda nze ndibawo Bwekaba kalulu olina akange Bali ne bweba takuwa ahhh ehhh eh eh!! ohh ohh ohh oooo ahhh ah ha Bali ne bwebaligenda nze ndibawo Nga emyaka gyi tuludde eh eh Ndikotakota nawe eh ehh ohh ohh ohh oooo Bali ne bwebaligenda nze ndibawo Kati njjagala bwobera eyo okimanye ehh eno eliyo akwagala ahh ah ohh ohh ohh oooo ahh ahh anha haaaa Bali ne bwebaligenda nze ndi bawo ohhhhhhhhh!!!!!! (((((APPLY CHORUS)))))) Kuba nze nkutegera ahhh count on me Munange Bali ne bwebaligenda nze ndibawo ohh lean on me I will never ever let you down oh oh oo Count on me Bali ne bwebaligenda nze ndibawo ohhhh. ****END**** AFRO BASED UG©2015 COURTSEY OF IAM BITINGU @ IAMBITINGU.MYMUSICSTREAM.COM
"Me And My Broken Heart"[Chorus:]All I need's a little love in my lifeAll I need's a little love in the darkA little but I'm hoping it might kickstartMe and my broken heartI need a little loving tonightHold me so I'm not falling apartA little but I'm hoping it might kickstartMe and my broken heartYeah...[Verse 1:]Shot gun, aimed at my heart, you got oneTear me apart and then someHow do we call this love (whoa oh oh oh)I try to run away but your eyesTell me to stay, oh why,Why do we call this love (whoa oh oh oh)[Pre-Chorus:]It seems like we've been losing controlSomebody tell me I'm not aloneWhen I said[Chorus:]All I need's a little love in my lifeAll I need's a little love in the darkA little but I'm hoping it might kickstartMe and my broken heartI need a little loving tonightHold me so I'm not falling apartA little but I'm hoping it might kickstartMe and my broken heart[Verse 2:]Maybe some part of you just hatesmeYou pick me up and play meHow do we call this love? (whoa ohoh oh)One time tell me you need me tonightTo make it easy, you lieAnd say it's all for love (whoa oh oh oh)[Pre-Chorus:]It seems like we've been losing controlSomebody tell me I'm not aloneWhen I say[Chorus:]All I need's a little love in my lifeAll I need's a little love in the darkA little but I'm hoping it might kickstartMe and my broken heartI need a little loving tonightHold me so I'm not falling apartA little but I'm hoping it might kickstartMe and my broken heart[Bridge:]Whoa oh, whoa ohMe and my broken heartWhoa oh, whoa ohMe and my brokenYeah, yeah, yeah(Me and my broken, broken heart)Yeah, yeah, yeahHow do we call this?It's just meIt's just meIt's just meMe and my broken heart[Chorus:]All I need's a little love in my lifeAll I need's a little love in the darkA little but I'm hoping it might kickstartMe and my broken heartI need a little loving tonightHold me so I'm not falling apartA little but I'm hoping it might kickstartMe and my broken heart

Judith Amisi

by Tune Zetu on 01-Apr-15

Miongoni mwa watu ambao wamefanya musiki kwa muda mrefu bila papala na wanaendelea kupanda viwango vya kumtukuza Mungu ni dada yetu Judith Amisi, ambaye hadi sasa ana albamu mbili,albamu mpya ambayo ina wimbo nasikia Nguvu,ambao unapatikana Tune Zetu umempa hatua mpya kimuziki, na ameendelea kufanya vizuri zaidi,akiongea na idara yetu ya habari ya Tune Zetu,amedai kupokelewa nchini DRC kwa kishindo, baada ya kutoka Tanzania kihuduma Mungu amempa kibali cha kuendelea kumtumikia na kumkutanisha na wana Injili wa kimataifa na kujiona mwenye hatua mpya tofauti na zamani.kwa kupata wimbo wake ulio tangulia albamu ingia utasikiliza na ku-Download bure

Iam Bitingu born Tumwine Ivan in Kazo,kawempe Kampala,Uganda. Raised by his mother Nalongo Matama Joyce and his father Kafuleka John. He has one full sister Nanyonjjo Moreen Sanyu(,three full brothers ie Mwesigwa Kenneth( , Bushara Wilberforce( , Mugume George Willian( He also has other four step sisters whom they share the mum only ie Nakiwala Rehma( , Babirye Aisha Nakirijja , The late Nakato , Aminah Nayyit and four brothers of the same mother namely:-Jibuliru,Abbey,Didia Zokora Yakin,Yiddi.The above are all moslems. He also has other two sisters of the same Dad ie Viola and Reachel plus one other brother of the same Dad ie Musisi Godfrey( His family tree Old-young. A: Mother\\\'s side only (((1:Aminah Nayyit 2:Jibuliru 3:Nakiwala Rehma 4:Babirye Aisha Nakirijja 5:The late Nakato 6:Yiddi 7:Abbey 8:Didia Zokola Yakin)))))) B:Father & Mother\\\'s side (((((9:Mugume George William 10:Bushara Wilberforce 11:Nanyonjjo Moreen Sanyu 12:Mwesigwa Kenneth 13:Tumwine Ivan(Iam Bitingu)))))) C: Father\\\'s side only (((((14:Musisi Godfrey 15:Viola 16:Reachel.))))))) #NOTE: Musisi is in the 13th position. Bitingu is the last born on his mother\\\'s side and this side consists of eight members of the sixteen(8/16)of his family. He is also the third last born on his father\\\'s side and this side consists of also eight members of the sixteen(8/16)of his family. Socially,he grew up on the mother\\\'s side. Started school at #Kazo mixed primary school in 2005-2007. Later he joined #Bright Academy Nabweru the current Bright Nursery and Primary School Nabweru where he completed his Primary Level/Seven in 2011 at an age of 14. Joining High School/Secondary level,He first joined #West Herts College Kakiri,Kikandwa in 2012 for his first year/Senior one upto 2014. He left #West Herts in the first term of his third year/S.3.Later on he joined #MITA College Kawempe which is his current school in 2014 for his second term of the third year/S.3. By the time this was wrote,the 30th of April,2015,he was in his first term of the fourth year/S.4. Back to his talent and songs,he had featured Hits like Genda osome,Tear drops,Oh yeah rmx ft Jaicko. For booking 0754308143/0788157432. Ivan/Iam Bitingu. Kazo is located in Kawempe a division of Kampala the capital city of Uganda the pearl of Africa where beauty originates.

Kaale Computers

by Tune Zetu on 30-Mar-15

Kaale ni wauzaji wa vitu vya umeme ambao hupatikana kariakoo karibu na kanisa la KKKT wanauza bidhaa za used na new, kwa garama ya kawaida.
A couple was caught having sex on a rental motorbike as they cruised down a scenic Indian highway.Police tracked the passionate pair after a local politician posted a photo of the high-speed sex on hisFacebook.The image showed the man — wearing nothing but a T-shirt and socks — steer the bike while the woman sat on it backward and straddled him.Another driver snapped the shot as they crossed a bridge over the Mandovi River in Goa, said MP Vishnu Surya Wagh, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party.“Not a single policeman on the way to stop them. A passer-by happened to click this picture,” he wrote.EuropicsMP Vishnu Surya Wagh, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, posted the photo on his Facebook page.Biggest Car Sale Ever: Up to 99% off. Over 15,000 Cars on Sale [Be Forward]Cops caught wind of the viral image and tracked down the pictured couple. They had rented the motorbike from a local company.The duo admitted to having sex while driving, police said. They were fined 1,000 Indian rupees, about $16.With News Wire Services[H/T:nydailynews]
The war betweenBebe CoolandBobi Wineis not over. Not even close.A few days ago, Bobi saidBebe Cool's music is irrelevant and he would gladly pay Cool to quit music for another career. Bobi went on dissing Cool's writers claiming their are the cause of Cool's irrelevancy in the music industry.Bebe also returned the favor with a tweet dissingBobi Wine saying the latter has a smelly mouth and has no control over what he says.Bebe is not done yet. Today, Mar. 28, he took to his Facebook fan page and posted a snapshot from the video of Bobi Wine's interview while commenting aboutSheikh Muzaata's statement on Buganda Kingdom and the Katikiro.I hear "MBU" a Ugandan artist stole a pair of shoes from a Dubai mall and wore it during an interview with a magnetic security tag...Banauganda bino bituza mabega whoever it is please advise him or her.DRUGS AIN'T GOOD.In the video, Bobi Wine is seen wearing white sneakers. Bebe Coolsays according to the gossip he's recieved, those pair of sneakers were stolen from Dubai and the thief is being hunted.Bobi Wine hasn't commented on this yet, but of course their drama is lighting green.We'll keep you posted in case anything develops.