Electronica / Experimental / Ambient

I have been practicing for 15 years, and I enjoy a wide variety of music from all over.  I think that music has done a tremendous job at bonding people, and preventing violence, and seldomly gets recognized for that.  Half of the temporal lobe in the brain is dedicated to music and it as an integral part of all cultures for those reasons.  I think that exposing children to a variety of music when they are growing up is crucial.  Too often, people will become focused on just 1 type or genre of music, and much of that influence comes from growing up.(or down)  I think that over half of all television star monies be directed towards artists and groups whom practice music, as well as crafts people, painter artists, sculpturers, and especially, the general public.

I performed all of the tracks on a Yamaha DGY piano/synthesizer, Alesis S-4 quadrasynth, Roland JX-1, Yamaha PSS 680, with my acoustic and electric guitars.  I appreciate your giving me a listen to.