Hengky Supit
Pop / Rock / Alternative

When he was twelve years old, Hengky already showed an interest in music. He listened to mother's music collection, which would become a big influence in his own songs. At the senior high school in Palu ( a small town in Mid Sulawesi, Indonesia), his adventure in music started with his first band with Abdee Negara(now guitarist of Slank),Theo Kamudi, Ermast Cintawan, Tahmidi Lasahido,and Jaya Rantetasik. At that time they usually played for school and birthday parties. Two years later, in 19.., Hengky went to Jakarta. His parents sent him to go to college but music was his big love and he decided to join a couple of friends, from his former band in Palu. The band was called ?Interview?, and they played top 40s number at that time at some local clubs in Jakarta, or also for bigger audiences in a hall or for special occasions. That's how Hengky could support himself since his parents were so disappointed he had left college that they quit sending his allowance. Interview started to write their own songs, but they were never published. And then came a big moment for them, because they were being asked to play at a 'breaking reconrd' special event of Jelly Tobing, one of the best drummers in Indonesia, to play drum for 10 hours. Many famous bands and artists performed during that occasion, such as : God Bless (Achmad Albar, Ian Antono, Jockie Suryoprayogo, Donny Fatah dan Tedy Sudjaja), El Pamas( Totok Tewel, Didik Sucahyo, Edy Darome, Dody Keswara and Tato), Iwan Fals, Ikang Fawzi, Nicki Astria, Gito Rollies,Whizzkid etc. After their gig, Hengky was asked to join Whizzkid. Whizzkid and Hengky Supit decided to play their own songs instead of playing covers. Then Hengky moved to Hollandt. During the first few years in the Netherlands, Hengky was busy learning the language and taking some courses but he never left the music. He still playing guitar and writing songs.