Here are some features and benefits of using MyMusicStream to power your official website and manage your content online. We are also constantly adding features suggested by artists, so please get in touch.

Continuous Audio Playback

Ever been on an arist's website, you just started listening to their music and you decide to check out some photos, when all of a sudden the music stops mid track.... annoying isn't it? With continuous audio playback the music doesn't stop playing as a site visitor browses around the website.

Professional Website Design, Online Design Editor

Straight out of the box your website layout is highly professional and very user friendly for your fans. Using the online design editor you can customize backgrounds, headers, fonts, colors and more without any web design skills needed. Of course if you like we can give you FTP access to html templates for unlimited design potential.

Mobile Responsive Design Websites

Mobile has been around for a while now, and a lot of people are checking out band websites on their mobiles. So your site better work on their phone, or else they lose interest pretty quick. Responsive mobile websites basically support any device screen size, resizing to match the screen size.

Custom Domain Names

So you have signed up for the latest music community and have started promoting a profile page that probably won't be around in a few years anyway. Everyone has moved onto another music site and apparently you should sign up for that one also. Well how about your very own permanent domain name called (insert your actual band name of course). Until you have decided on your domain you can just use a permanent sub domain such as

Sell Digital Downloads Online With No Fees

With your official band website fans can purchase your music directly, without any fees. Your paypal powered store lets fans purchase and download MP3's instantly and securely, with payments going directly into your own paypal account.

Page Content Editing

With no knowledge of HTML or web programming you can use the online page editor to edit page content on your official website pages. You can use our drag and drop tool to change your page order and edit settings for each individual page. The page edit content function allows you simple edit text or add content items such as music, video, photos, news, blogs, events and more.

Music Player

Now you can offer streaming music on your site for your fans rather than the less secure progressive download (technical term). Our streaming music servers are powered by Amazon and a highly scalable for the huge demand you are going to get after playing that big festival. When you upload tracks to MyMusicStream your can set the as stream only or downloadable. If you want to offer your tracks as downloadable you can set them as free download or sell them by setting your own prices.

Video Player

We have an awesome video player with full streaming capability and advanced features such as full screen mode, email to friend and embed for viral marketing. Powered by the same technology as our audio players your videos are hosted securely on Amazons powerful content distribution network for high quality streaming anywhere in the world.

Photo Galleries

MyMusicStream offers you the ability to upload high quality photos and create online photo galleries. We make sure that your photos look great on your site with nice looking slide shows and lightbox popups, the option is yours.

News & Events

MyMusicStream offers a very easy to use method for posting the latest band news and upcoming events. We also offer viral distribution for your news items to a massive community of members and instantly syndicated to various industry portals.

Mailing List Manager

MyMusicStream makes it very easy to build and manage your mailing list and you can send an email to your entire list with the click of a button. Fans can subscribe when the join your website and we also drive mailing list registrations when fans download your tracks.

Creative Commons Copyright Options

MyMusicStream offers you the option of distribution your work under full copyright or creative commons licensing. You can simply select from the copyright options each time you upload a track.

Email Accounts

If you use a full domain name we can give you professional email accounts such as,, etc Access your email using Outlook, our web interface, or your mobile phone with IMAP or POP3 access.

Search Engine Optimized

When your fans search for you in google, why send them to some other "profile page" on some other website, covered in advertising?? Your MyMusicStream powered website is fully optimized for your official website to appear at the top of search engines, driving traffic to your own website.

Website Statistics

MyMusicStream offers full site analytics and statistics. Gain rich insights into your website traffic with Advanced Segmentation, Custom Reporting, Motion Charts, and more. We also integrate with your free google analytics account to provide more advanced statistics and reporting.

Super Fast, Reliable and Redundant Data Storage

Audio and video files are stored on Amazon S3 and served using the CloudFront content distribution network. The redundant storage means that media files are safe and secure. CloudFront CDN also ensures that media is served as fast as possible from various "edge locations" around the world.


We provide a very personal email support for all our members. If you have a problem, suggestion, feedback or just want to chat we are not adverse to discussing almost anything to do with music.

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