What is MyMusicStream?

Simply put MyMusicStream is a content management system that powers your official website and helps manage your digital distribution. However we are also a rapidly growing music community made up of artists, fans, labels, publishers and other music industry types. MyMusicStream aims and providing a new infrastructure for the digital music industry.

What about if I already have an official website?

Please get your web designer to contact us. Although your current site might look fantastic, there is absolutely no way that it will have the features that MyMusicStream offers. Unless of course you have spent $10,000+ on your current website. So we would like to work with your web designer, integrate your custom design, save you money in hosting and build your fan community.

How much does MyMusicStream cost?

We don't charge any royalties or fees from sales on your website and don't place any advertising on your website. However we do have costs and spend huge amounts of time working on better features for your official website. As a result we offer some very affordable monthly payment plans for using our services.

How do I get paid for sales on my official website?

First set up a free Paypal account. Next enter your paypal email in the settings section. Done. You now have a fully functioning digital download store and get paid directly into your paypal account when fans download your music.

Can I edit the design of my website?

Of course! We have an extremely easy to use online design editor. For the more professional web designers we can even give you access to the HTML templates via FTP. What does that mean? It means UNLIMITED design potential.

Can I use my own domain name? How do I set that up?

Of course! We highly recommend that your do. Simply register your domain and edit the settings at your domain registry so that your nameservers are set to ns1.mymusicservers.com and ns2.mymusicservers.com. Add the domain name also in your website settings and within 24 hours your domain will be live.

Do all my band members get email accounts?

Yes. Once you have set up your full domain name we can set up email accounts for you. thedrummer@ourband.com, me@ourband.com, etc

What types of audio formats can I upload?

You can upload songs in MP3 format only at the moment. We are adding support for many other file formats soon such as WAV, AIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless, etc.

What types of video formats can I upload?

Currently we support the video formats uploaded as FLV, MOV, MPG, MP4, AVI, WMV AND ASF. We will convert your video on the server to a flash video format for our flash video players. However we are also adding support for iPad/iphone with HTML5 video support very soon.

What types of image formats can I upload?

JPEG, GIF and PNG are all supported. Other formats don't work that well on the web.

What is the maximum upload size?

Currently we have a limit on file upload size of 100MB. However we are working hard on increasing that limit very soon.

How do I make MP3's from my CD or WAV files?

There are many programs that you can use to create MP3's. The most popular free program is iTunes. Try doing a search in Google for "MP3 Creation Software".

Can I upload covers or mixtapes?

Currently you can only upload content that you own the copyright for or have a license granted to use the material. We are working on facilitating the ability for you to upload covers however in the near future.

What is the format of the music streaming on the audio players?

Currently they are full streaming in mp3 at 320k depending on the bitrate that you upload. We are working on some bandwidth detection technology to ensure that the listener always hears the highest possible quality without any buffering or dropouts.

What about if I don't want to play full tracks on my official website?

We give you the option. Simply select the "clip only" setting and your official website will only play 30 sec clips.

What happens if there is a problem or I find a bug?

Let us know what the problem or bug is and we will fix the problem as quickly as possible.

I lost or forgot my password. How do I log in?

Simply use the reset password function on the login page and a new password will be sent you the email you registered with.

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