New High Speed Server Upgrade

After some recent server issues MyMusicStream has now been moved to a new, high end server. So start expecting faster site loading times!! This is also a move in preparation for the big version 8 release, that I will get live hopefully soon. Yes, I know it has been a little delayed as was promised in March. But better late than never, as they say.

Note for email account users the secure mail server settings, if you use them, have changed. You will need to change your mail client settings to use The old server settings will work, however your might see some popup notices telling you that the server can not be verified.

If you notice any issues with your site or artist admin area please contact support

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10 Jun

Huge Update Coming - MyMusicStream Version 8

In January 2014 development will be well underway on the next big version of Putting it simply the entire platform has been completely re-designed from the ground up, making this a major version release

Some New & Improved Features

  • Mobile Responsive Websites & Mobile Web App Versions
  • All New Design Template Editing
  • New Page Content Types
  • Better Integration with Youtube, SoundCloud, etc
  • Improved Music, Video & Photos
  • Improved Ecommerce
  • Continuous Audio Playback
  • Simplified Management of Multiple Artist Sites
  • New Member Marketplace
  • Improved Account Area
  • and much more I can't talk about just yet....

Expecting to launch the new version towards the end of February, but potentially in early March 2014. Not that far away actually so stay tuned!
Don't forget you can add feature requests and vote on others at

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05 Dec

Add/Edit Custom CSS Styles

You can now add custom CSS styles to your website design, overriding the standard CSS or creating whole new styles. Some documentation and how to guides will be available soon.

Custom CSS Styles

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14 Mar

Physical Product Sales Launched

Great news, now artists can sell both digital and physical products with zero commissions or fees. Using the premium ecommerce addon, and your paypal account, you can sell directly to your fans from your custom website.

Artists wanting to use the new ecommerce addon make sure you adjust the settings for your store, for example add your Paypal account for payments and your sales tax settings. Then simply go to the store section, upload some products and you're done.

Physical Product Sales

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13 Mar

New MyMusicStream Logo and Website

After almost 8 years online MyMusicStream has an all new brand, and new focus for 2013. Many of you will have already noticed the new website that went live a few weeks ago.

The new MyMusicStream brand better reflects the focus of MyMusicStream on providing an awesome platform for artists to establish themselves online, with their own custom website. Stay tuned for ongoing improvements to the site throughout the year.

MyMusicStream Version 7

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11 Mar

New Site Admin Control Panel

After many months in development we have just completed the release of the new site admin panel. This new admin panel, combined and a whole new backend is the beginning of series of major updates over coming days, weeks and months.

The new admin control panel is accessed by adding /admin to your website url. See below for the structure of the url you should bookmark to access your new admin panel.

http://< your website url >/admin

If you log into MyMusicStream the "Manage Website" link will redirect you also to the correct url for admin login.

You can access all your websites in the MyMusicStream account area.

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22 Aug