New Band & Musician Web Design Theme: Warehouse

26 Oct 2015

It's been a long time in development, but we now have a brand new modern design theme ready to go for your band or musician website. I have called it Warehouse. It’s a full screen, mobile responsive template perfect to showcase your band with a large cover background image that will stretch according to the browser screen size.

Some of the really cool features of this theme include an audio player with a hidden playlist that slides into view when you click the menu button next to the play/pause icon. This is a great feature for mobile support also. This design theme supports seamless or continuous audio playback so fans can browse around your band's website without the music stopping.

Along with this new theme the site design editor has been improved with some updates that include ability to set transparent colours, along with a few more controls added for greater design flexibility. Best thing you can do is simply play around with the various editing functions to see how you can create an awesome custom design based off this new theme. The transparent background functionality is really cool for use with the main navigation menu and the social footer over a full screen background image of your band.

If you would like to use this new design theme for your website, simply go to the design section of your admin area and select the "use template" button for the theme. You will not lose any custom edits with your current design, and can switch back easily.