Social Sharing, Audio/Video Statistics and more

01 Apr 2015

Content Social Sharing

You can now share to facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin and email with social sharing buttons within admin. Whenever you post a new track, blog post, video, etc you can instantly share on facebook, etc.

Website visitors have instant sharing buttons so your fans can help share your content across social media. Deeper social integration is being worked on also, stay tuned!

Audio & Video Statistics

Music & video statistics are now complete with plays and downloads being recorded. Simple charts show you plays and downloads for your music and video, with more reporting options in development.


The marketplace is now back online! Looking for help with your website design, post a project in the marketplace.

Album, Track & Video Sorting

You can now change album, track and video display order with drag and drop functionality. Simply click, hold and drag items up and down to change the display order.