Founded by Andrew Drake with a passion for music as a guitarist, singer and hobby producer the site was officially launched on 29th July, 2005. After much thought about the music industry in general and internet technology ideas were developed and MyMusicStream was born.

The site was originally set up as community for fellow musicians, music lovers and the music industry in general. Back then in 2005 MyMusicStream was more of a "myspace alternative".

MyMusicStream really has evolved now into a fully featured content management and website builder platform for artists, while also being a very active music community with over 90,000 members.

The support from the many artists and music lovers out there has been fantastic and I'm sure MyMusicStream will continue as being one of the best music communities on the web.

If anyone would like to submit any feedback, suggestions or just talk about MyMusicStream please feel free to contact us. We love to chat with artists and music fans alike.

Stay tuned!!

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